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The match of short coat, the Savior of short man

Girls just want to change their style every day. The wardrobe is full. But some short girls will always have trouble. Since they can't grow tall, what can we do to make people look taller? The appearance of the jacket was a great help. If you lift the whole upper body up, you will have long legs, and visually others will think you are thin.

I have a short coat, but I still need matching pants! When the trousers are well matched, the long legs are really exposed. Today, I'll show you how to match it!

Matching method 1: black leather jacket + perforated jeans

The black leather coat is very handsome, and the lower body is matched with blue perforated jeans, which is very fashionable and good-looking. Recently is not also popular net socks, hole jeans with net socks is very sexy and attractive. This match can also be matched with exaggerated earrings and other decorations, full of personality. In addition, bags can be matched with bright colors, such as red, which is very eye-catching.

Matching method 2: denim coat + Chiffon Dress

A light blue denim coat can go with a white dress. White more plain, appears more gentle, temperament is also rubbed up long. That cowboy coat is more handsome. Instead of conflict, they are more harmonious. Short girls wear high heels, while tall girls wear white board shoes

Collocation method 3: Short Knitwear + dress

Some skirts have short sleeves, which girls like, but many girls have a little bit of meat on their arms, so a sweater is more suitable. In summer, a thin sweater can also protect against the sun. When the temperature is not high or low in autumn, a sweater is a perfect match for a skirt!

Have you learned so many ways to make short coats?