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What signal is yellow tongue sent out by the body

Our body is a wonderful whole, each part performs its own duties, and has mutual trust, influence, interdependence and orderly operation. When there is a problem in one part of the body, it will be reflected from another place. In traditional Chinese medicine, one part of "seeing, hearing and asking" is to look at the patient's tongue. It can be seen that the tongue is the most important body alarm. Today's news editor is going to talk about what signals the body sends out when the tongue turns yellow.

Normally, the coating particles on the surface of human tongue are pink white. When the coating particles are yellow, it is usually called yellowing. Tongue yellowing is more common in summer. It is a sign that the body is invaded by moisture due to summer heat. Some patients with major diseases will also have symptoms of tongue yellowing, such as uremia. Some gastrointestinal diseases will also have symptoms of tongue yellowing, such as acute enteritis and chronic enteritis. In short, we should not underestimate tongue yellowing. We should actively seek medical advice to understand the situation.

How can we judge different situations in order to analyze problems accurately? There are several different cases of yellowing of the tongue. We should analyze them in detail. If the color of the tongue is light pink, only a small area of yellow particles on the surface of the tongue, it should be that there is fire and heat in the body. If the color of the tongue is relatively red, and the yellow particles are relatively large, the area is also large, accompanied by bitter mouth symptoms, it should be gastrointestinal diseases.

As for the treatment of tongue yellowing, we should carry out targeted treatment according to different situations. If it is because of the fire inside the body, you should eat some food to reduce the fire, with some drugs to clear the fire, and pay attention not to eat spicy food. If the tongue is yellow caused by gastrointestinal diseases, we should solve the problem from the root, cure gastrointestinal diseases, the tongue yellow will be solved, at the same time, we should pay attention to light diet.