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Tassel boots

In recent years, the flowing beauty of tassels has won the favor of women. This is because it is looming sense of jumping, not only makes the clothing dynamic, but also adds a little elegance and romance. Today we are going to talk about tassel boots, which are still hot. Although tassel boots are very good-looking with casual collocation, because they have strong ethnic customs, if the collocation is not good, there will be the problem of old-fashioned temperament. So what's the best match? Let's have a look.

Low boots casual style

Tassel boots are easy to match, all kinds of styles can be presented. Such as sweet Laurie, Royal sister style, graceful lady. As long as your leg shape is good, with loose clothing can also show a sense of leisure and nature.

Careful collocation of middle boots

A lot of people dare not try tassel boots, because it's easy to wear a five-point figure. Remember, tassel boots with short skirts or shorts can only have the effect of lengthening the leg line, otherwise it is easy to make the legs look stronger.

High boots and pants don't fit

Many people think that fat people should not wear high boots. In fact, high boots decorated with tassels will make thick legs look thinner. If you want to do this, you can't put your boots on the outside of your pants. Use shorts or stockings of the same color to keep your lower body from looking bloated.

Finally, we have to say that tassels have to be matched with ethnic costumes. The tassel boots have the famous ethnic customs, so it is natural to match the ethnic costumes. Have you learned the collocation of tassel boots through the explanation of Xiaobian? Early autumn is coming soon, you also hurry to action, with the vitality of dress up, Jinqiu do a smart beauty!