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What should I do with my hair? Give your hair nutrition quickly

Every girl wants to have a long flowing hair, but the past goes against her wishes. Not every girl is born with very good hair quality. The general girl's hair has this or that kind of problem, some girl's hair will be very shaggy, although go out to comb, or give a person dishevelled feeling. Today's news editor will tell you what to do if your hair is very loose, and teach you how to supplement nutrition for your hair.

To add nutrition to hair, the most direct way is to add in the process of washing hair. For girls with very thick hair, when choosing shampoo, you should choose the mild one, and the moisturizing one should be relatively strong. When shampoo your hair, shampoo should be poured on the palm of your hand, rubbed out of foam and gently applied to the hair, so that hair and scalp will not be harmed and the nutrition of the hair will be draining away. It should be noted that when you wash your hair, you must rinse it with water for more than 10 minutes, so that the residual shampoo will not hurt your hair.

Although shampoo has a certain moistening effect on the hair, it can supplement some nutrition for the hair, but it is far from enough for the girls with very thick hair. Girls with very thick hair should pay special attention to the use of hair conditioner. When choosing hair conditioner, we should look at the content of hair conditioner. We should choose less natural chemical hair conditioner, or choose more vitamin content hair conditioner. Only in this way can we supplement nutrition to the hair that lacks nutrition.

Finally, Xiaobian has prepared a secret nutrition package for the girl's head. This package is for the hair that lacks nutrition. You can use some fresh grapefruit and orange peel, add some olive oil and vitamins, and put them in the refrigerator for about two days. After each wash, you can apply a little to the hair to supplement nutrition, Make your hair more supple.