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There's a knack for hair care. Come and learn it

An elegant hair can add a lot to the overall image of girls, so many girls pay attention to hair care. Hair care is a complicated and delicate process, all aspects need to pay attention to. Today's news editor will talk about the tips of hair care, and let's see what we can't do well in our daily life.

When it comes to hair care, I have to say it's hair washing. It's best to use warm water when washing your hair, because too high temperature water will cause damage to your hair and scalp, while too low temperature water will clean your hair. When applying shampoo, it is better to pour shampoo into the hands and knead the foam, then apply it to the hair, so that the chemical components in shampoo will not hurt scalp and hair. When using conditioner, you should also pay attention not to apply it to the root of the hair, because the root of the hair is easy to get oil. If you apply conditioner to the root of the hair, it will make the hair more greasy.

After washing the hair, it's the process of drying the hair. Don't underestimate this process. There are many mysteries in it. It's better not to dry your hair with an electric hair dryer. If you blow your hair with hot air for a long time, it will cause damage to your hair. Also don't let the hair dry naturally, so a lot of dust and dirty things in the air will stick to the hair, and the hair will get dirty before it is dry. You should choose to dry the hair gently with a clean towel.

When we usually comb our hair, we should not use a plastic comb. We should choose a peach comb, from the root to the end of the hair, which can massage the scalp, stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, and make the hair grow better. Usually also try not to comb the scalp too tight hair, this will cause damage to the hair and scalp, should be as much as possible to put down the hair, let the hair and scalp get rest. Do you know all these tips for hair care?