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How to do very badly to drop hair suddenly?

If there are many people will suddenly lose their hair very serious situation, looking at a lot of hair off, the heart is not flustered. In fact, hair loss is very serious. We should not just worry about it. We should see the essence through the phenomenon. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about how to deal with the severe hair loss, and give you several different situations and corresponding solutions.

First of all, the first situation is normal hair loss. In autumn, there are more hair loss. Therefore, it is normal to have a lot of hair loss at this time. It is just a normal reaction of human metabolism. In this case, there is no need to worry too much. Another situation is that pregnant women lose their hair seriously three months after giving birth. This is because pregnant women's hair follicles enter the dormancy period during pregnancy and begin to lose a lot of hair after giving birth. This kind of situation only needs to relax the mood, consults the doctor to take the corresponding vitamin, about half a year can recover.

There is also a very serious hair loss, which is caused by excessive pressure or frequent hair pulling. Nowadays, many office workers have great work pressure, irregular diet and sleep, and excessive brain use. It is very easy to cause serious hair loss. In view of this situation, as long as you keep enough sleep and regular diet, and relax, you can recover in about a year. As for often pulling hair, resulting in hair loss, this situation often occurs in children, children habitually pull hair, this situation needs psychotherapy and parental supervision.

The last serious case of hair loss is caused by androgen. 90% of hair loss is related to androgen. Don't think that this kind of disease only occurs in men when hearing androgen. In fact, this kind of disease occurs in both men and women, but the incidence rate of men is higher than that of women. This kind of hair loss caused by hormone is very difficult to cure, that is, irreversible, but there are also some drugs can play a role in alleviating, specific circumstances can go to the hospital for consultation.