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Denim shorts with good, let you win a lot in summer

In the hot summer, denim shorts can be said to be necessary, cool versatile, people can not refuse. But the collocation of denim shorts is very easy to become very mediocre, generally not easy to make any mistakes, but it is difficult for you to win a lot. Today's news editor will talk about the collocation of denim shorts. I hope you can easily win a lot in summer with these wonderful collocations.

Most people may choose to pair jeans shorts with white T, which is a good match. But when a lot of people wear it like this, it's hard for you to wear something new. So we need to work hard on small details. For example, biandakor, Xiaobian's favorite European and American model, often wears white T with denim shorts, but he knots the hem of denim shorts to show her slim waist. You can also choose the white T of the V-neck to expose the clavicle. In a word, if everyone is wearing a new match, you should try to find a way to wear something new.

In addition to matching with white T, denim shorts can also be matched with shirts. Pure white shirt, the front hem into denim shorts, the back hem freely on the outside, sexy and leisurely. In addition to the pure white shirt, you can also choose the shirt with embroidery. You should know that when embroidery and jeans meet, they can always make different sparks, so that you can easily keep up with the retro trend in summer.

In addition to the shirt and white T-shirt, vest and denim shorts with is also a very good choice. If you are a slim girl, you can choose a suspender vest. The thin shoulder strap will make you slim. If you are a girl with a little muscle, it is suggested that you choose the I-shaped vest, which can modify your arm muscle lines, and also have some small sexy. If you want to wear jeans shorts to deduce the feeling of a little woman, you can choose the black lace sling, which is very feminine.