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Let's take a look at the matching picture of this short down jacket for your inspiration

For most people, winter is not a good season to dress. Because the temperature in winter is relatively low, the number of clothes will be more, it is easy to wear into a small bun. So a lot of people will choose to wear down jacket, but down jacket is not a good match, it's easy to get fat and step on thunder. Today I want to talk about the collocation of short down jacket, because short down jacket is more difficult to match than long down jacket. Xiaobian found a good collocation picture of short down jacket, let's find inspiration together.

First of all, we can see that the color of the short down jacket worn by the model in the picture is relatively light. In winter, if you wear dark colors such as black or gray, it is easy to be very dull. Xiaobian suggests that you can choose short down jackets with light or bright colors, so that the whole person will look much brighter. And, don't worry about light color will show fat, as long as you choose the version suitable for your body, even if you wear light color or light color down jacket, you can also show thin and good-looking.

Then we can see that the matching of the models in the picture follows the principle of wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The down jacket is fluffy. If you wear short down jacket and loose pants or skirt at the bottom, the whole person will expand visually. Therefore, when we wear short down jacket, we should choose more slim pants or more close fitting skirt, so that we can modify our body shape, instead of being propped up into a small bun by down jacket.

Then, we can see some other collocations of the model in the picture. The model wore a woolen hat of the same color as the cotton padded jacket, which played an echo role. We usually in the short down jacket, you can also choose to use the same color scarf or hat to echo. In addition, when wearing short down jacket, we should match sports shoes or more casual shoes, which will be more energetic and adapt to the overall style.