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Wrong hairstyle and face make you ten years older

Don't think that hairstyle design is just a simple haircut. There are so many problems in it. You should design a hairstyle that suits you. If you make a mistake, you will be ten years older. On the contrary, finding a hairstyle that matches your face will really add a lot of points to your image. How to match your hairstyle with your face?

The first type: oval face, any hairstyle can easily hold, the representative is Liu Yifei, the girl with oval face can refer to Liu Yifei's hairstyle. Goose face is the face that all girls dream of. It's a good-looking face. No haircut is too ugly. Let's see if Liu Yifei's hairstyles are beautiful.

Second: inverted triangle face. This kind of girl's suitable hairstyle has air bangs, eight character bangs. The representative figure is Tang Yan. The inverted triangle face will appear large forehead and sharp chin, so the forehead must not leak, otherwise it will appear that the forehead is particularly large. The light air bangs can perfectly cover up the shortcomings of the face shape, or choose partial bangs to reduce the width of the forehead.

Third: Diamond face. This kind of girl's suitable hairstyle has the oblique bangs, the French style bangs. The representative figure is Liu Tao. This kind of face has a sharp chin, but the cheekbones and cheek bones are prominent, so we need to use hair to weaken the lines of cheekbones. When Liu Tao's bangs reach the position of cheekbones, it can make the face look softer.

Fourth: long face. The suitable hairstyles are French bangs and oblique bangs, and the representative is Ma su. Long face star people don't want to light the forehead, it's best to slightly modify it, French bangs or side curly hair can create a sense of asymmetric massiness, naturally modify the cheek.

Fifth: round face. The suitable hairstyle is oblique bangs, and the representative is Zhao Liying. If you don't want to expose the two lumps of meat and short chin on your face, don't leave flat and thick bangs. You can try to leave a few wisps of bangs to modify the shape of your face and make it smaller. If the forehead is full, you can also tie a ball to expose the forehead.

The above is what I know about hair design and face matching, I hope to help you.