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Long legs are a must for tall girls

How do tall girls dress? Personally, the girl's body is very important, height is also very important. Generally speaking, the legs of tall girls are slender and thin, and they look better in everything they wear, but sometimes they will encounter the trouble of dressing, because if they can't match, they will be very easy and bulky. In order to wear beauty, personality and style, tall girls must pay special attention to their own conditions. Come and see the guide for tall girls to wear with Xiaobian!

Xiaobian thinks that tall girls are really beautiful in jeans. Of course, the premise is that the legs should be beautiful, especially the slim jeans, which can make boys look stupid and girls envy and hate. It would be perfect with a sling or shirt. Tall girls with poor or slightly fat legs can wear tapered pants, wide leg pants or long skirts, which can well cover your shortcomings.

For girls who are absolutely superior in height, in autumn, you might as well try a khaki, double breasted windbreaker jacket, with a black undershirt and perforated jeans. Is there any sense of fashion? Apricot is a good match for coats and other styles, coffee color alone is a big brand to show skin color, deep skin beauty can consider blue. The texture of Maomao is also very close to the skin, which is the most important of sweaters. What do you think?

Dress is also a good choice for tall girls, especially the kind of floral dress, floor length dress, retro dress, full of Bohemian style, which is suitable for girls who are tall but slightly fat. However, Xiaobian still suggests that tall and slightly fat girls wear relatively loose cotton T-shirt, and then match with tooling pants. Pure cotton T-shirt is simple and refreshing, with work clothes pants and some accessories, it still looks different and has a unique charm.