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The world's most respected water mask for word-of-mouth makes your face smooth and smooth.

Countless women are eager for smooth and bright facial skin, so the mask that combines moisturizing and nourishing is absolutely indispensable for women. Choose a highly effective moisturizing mask for your skin before you can save the 'muscle' in time. The following Xiaobian for you to elect several globally recognized ten good use of replenishment mask, so that your face quickly restores vitality.

The first is the favorite whitening and Brightening Mask. This mask is the mask used by the beauty queen almost every day. No matter what kind of skin you are, you can go from toilet paper to fluorescent lamp, which is a sharp tool for whitening. It is a thick emulsion texture, neck and arm can also be applied, this mask can be said to be an immediate effect.

The second is the Aesop primrose cleansing mask. The highest price per quality product of the 3 cleaning facial mask of primrose Aesop is, and is suitable for any skin use. It can recuperate the skin deeply and reappear the clear and even complexion. And the taste is very fresh, very nice.

The third is the Minon moisturizing mask. This is the first Cosme moisturizing facial mask for several consecutive years. Specifically for sensitive muscles, improve the skin's own defense function, from external stimulation. The texture is gel like essence, moisturizing effect is excellent. After application, it can be absorbed completely with two taps, and it is not greasy at all. There is no need to wash the face again.

Finally, this is the Royal Nectar bee venom mask. Bee venom is a royal ingredient. This mask is called "natural Botox substitute". It contains fast anti-aging ingredients, which can effectively remove facial wrinkles and delay skin aging. In addition to being used as a facial mask, it can also be used as a night cream and has a deep nourishing function on the skin.