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Take a beautiful vow of love flower design to help you

When flower design mentions it, the first thing that comes to mind is flower arrangement. But now flower design only includes flower arrangement. We should know that flower design is a kind of space design, a tall industry. Let Xiaobian introduce all aspects of floral design to you, so that you can appreciate the height of this time.

Flower design is a higher level of aesthetic, its origin is from the Greek love sea flower design, the flower design of all countries one by one integration, the unique foreign cultural characteristics into it, showing a colorful style of flower design.

First, from the flower design classification introduction, now flower design classification is diverse, flower design is no longer just flower arrangement design. Generally speaking, he has space flower design, celebration flower design, banquet flower design, wedding flower design and so on. From the whole, he can be divided into the whole flower design, which endows the flower design to the whole banquet. From the category, it can be divided into single flower arrangement design,.

Let's talk about the people who are mainly engaged in flower design. Nowadays, floral design is becoming more and more popular and can be used in many places. With this wave, more and more people want to join the flower design industry. Before that, flower arrangers and banquet designers all came to join, and their own industry is also related.

The most common is the wedding flower design. Every couple entering the wedding hall are eager to have a perfect wedding, and floral design has become an indispensable part of it. Beautiful lighting and sweet flower ball. It's a fantasy in every woman's heart. At present, wedding flower design is mainly high-end customization. This requires high quality design. It is a test of the reaction ability and planning ability of flower designers. Every link of wedding flower design is tailor-made for the new couple, permeated with luxury temperament, presenting a visual feast for the guests. Designers need to learn from various art fields, fashion fields, play with art, and provide unforgettable memories for every customer. Flower designers need to find the design method that every couple likes, so that wedding planners can tell the beautiful oath of love through flower decoration design, and integrate flower design into wedding completely.