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Stay up late how to eliminate bags under the eyes teach you these five methods

How to remove bags under the eyes quickly and effectively five ways to remove bags under the eyes, swollen eyes not only make people feel lifeless, but also affect the whole person's look. Mm with big bags under the eyes has exquisite facial features, but it can't modify the 'Charm' of goldfish eyes! Next, we will introduce effective methods to remove bags under the eyes.

Five ways to remove bags under the eyes

Before going to bed, you can stick cucumber on your eyes for 20 minutes, which can achieve the effect of moisturizing and soothing the skin. As long as you stick to it for two months, you can get the beauty effect of reducing the lower eyelid bag! At the same time, the use of vitamin E smear around the eyes is OK Oh!

Five ways to get rid of bags under the eyes

To ensure adequate sleep is the basic condition for eye protection. Many false bags under the eyes are caused by lack of sleep, lack of sleep is easy to cause bags under the eyes. And good sleep can improve the eyelid blood circulation, so that the eye to maintain good vitality, so as to effectively prevent eye bags Oh!

Five ways to remove bags under the eyes

Hot water can promote blood circulation and prevent eye bags, so it should be used before going to bed. And cold water eye can be used in the morning, so that pouch smaller. Salt water is recommended for cold compress and olive oil for hot compress.

Five ways to remove bags under the eyes

There are many acupoints around the eyes. Doing more eye exercises can promote blood circulation and make the blood cells around the eyes more active, which is very helpful to promote the regression of bags under the eyes! At the same time, we should also pay attention to drink more water to promote metabolism.

Note: young mm don't drink water before going to bed at night, and do more exercise.