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The painting method of daily makeup of girl series makes you return to youth, not a dream

Usually go out will draw a light make-up, as the age is getting older, I also want to paint their own younger, how can you draw a girl make-up? Follow Xiaobian to learn~

Girl makeup

The painting steps of girl makeup are as follows:

Step 1, in the bottom makeup must be clear, heavy and Concealer too strong makeup is not suitable for 20 year old girl, oh, makeup on the point with the makeup, create a light bottom makeup.

Step 2, the eye makeup chooses the light brown eye shadow of the earth color department to play the bright eye socket, the white eye shadow shines the bright silkworm.

Girl makeup

Step 3, draw a fine eye liner on the eye, draw the length of 1/5 from the bottom of the eye line, then use the halo of the finger to dye it, then use the coffee eye shadow to dye it on the lower eyeliner.

Step 4, then brush the mascara.

Step 5, brow pencil color selection Brown best.

Girl makeup

Step 6. Apply honey powder on the neck and hairline to make up look more natural.

Step 7, use white eye shadow to brighten the position of T, the middle, chin and cheekbones.

Step 8, finally choose the orange pink super-high, improve the whole complexion.

Simple 8 steps can draw the reverse age girl makeup ~ I hope you like this sharing.