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You don't know the harm of dieting

If you want to go on a diet, you can't just rely on a simple explanation. A simple diet will only cause more damage to your body. If you are still on a diet, come and have a look~

The harm of dieting

1: Menstrual disorder

Short term diet to lose weight, for women, the most direct performance is to disrupt the menstrual cycle, menstruation less or no menstruation. These are because the improper way to lose weight, will affect hormone metabolism, resulting in menopause, or menstrual chaos and so on.

Harm of dieting 2: reducing immunity

The body needs a certain amount of nutrition in order to work. A simple excessive diet will only cause the body to lose the nutrients it needs, lead to the decline of immune function and affect the health of the body. As time goes on, the body will feel tired, weak and irritable, and increase the probability of infection with influenza diseases. At the same time, it is easy to catch a cold, backache and so on.

Harm of dieting 3: easy to rebound

Because in the process of dieting to reduce weight, water, excreta, fat are reversible, relatively easy to recreate, and muscle is irreversible, muscle loss, basic will not be very easy to grow back. But muscle tissue consumption, fat did not reduce much, although weight loss, metabolic capacity also decreased, once the return to normal diet, due to lower basal metabolism, lower upper limit, eat things into fat, a rebound.

Harm of dieting 4: decline of basal metabolism

Long term excessive diet will make our body lack of nutrition, and in order to maintain the normal activities of life, the basal metabolic rate will be reduced. This is why dieting to lose weight in a short period of time down, but after a period of time found how not to eat will not reduce, that is to achieve a platform period of dieting to lose weight.

Harm of dieting 5: hair loss and skin deterioration

Fast weight loss mostly leads to insufficient nutrient intake, resulting in abnormal metabolism in the body, which will seriously cause hair loss, yellow hair color, dry hair, etc., and the skin will also suffer from poor skin quality, coarsening and acne prone due to insufficient nutrients or abnormal hormone metabolism.

Harm of dieting 6: Osteoporosis

Some people don't eat anything while others don't eat meat at all. But, you know what? Don't say you don't eat anything, even if you only eat fruits and vegetables, because generally vegetables and fruits contain less calcium and, more importantly, almost no fat, which can lead to hormone secretion disorder in the body, affect the combination of calcium and bone, and easily lead to osteoporosis.

Harm of dieting 7: organ dysfunction

Long term diet due to the intake of calories and nutrients, coupled with the loss of body water, muscle protein decomposition, easy to cause temporary liver and kidney dysfunction. Moreover, because of repeated weight loss, metabolic rate decline and affect gastrointestinal function, prone to indigestion or gastrointestinal diseases and other adverse consequences.

Harm of dieting 8: poor memory

Fat is the main power to maintain brain operation. It can stimulate the brain, accelerate the brain's ability to process information, and enhance short-term and long-term memory. However, the body fat intake and storage of over dieters is insufficient, or in a state of deficiency. This kind of nutritional deficiency causes serious damage to brain cells, which will directly affect memory, and people will become more and more forgetful.

Harm of dieting 9: loss of libido

Dieting will lead to the body carbohydrate intake or lack, it will mobilize the body fat, protein into energy for the body to use. And its metabolite ketone will accumulate in the blood, destroy the body's acid-base balance, make people feel dizzy and headache.

After that, the brain may adjust itself and temporarily use ketone as fuel, further leading to acid-base imbalance in the body. Make a person feel irritable, depressed, and appear sexual desire drops.

Learning to diet correctly is the key. When people go on a diet, they just go on a diet and don't eat anything. Such a diet is really harmful to their health. In fact, this shows that you have not learned the right diet or really understand the meaning of diet. The real diet is not to eat, but to eat less and more meals, what to eat and how to eat. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of healthy and effective weight loss.