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Is sunscreen clothes really sunscreen? Let you know the truth

We all wear sunscreen in summer, because everyone wears it. Do you think the sunscreen you bought is really sunscreen? The following small make up to ask you to reveal the truth of sunscreen clothes, don't want to tan girls, hurry to have a look!

What is sunscreen made of? The so-called sunscreen clothing is made of special sunscreen cloth. The production principle of sunscreen cloth is very simple. In fact, it is made by adding sunscreen additives into the cloth and finishing the cloth if there is a special need. The so-called thick finishing is to make the fabric more dense. Do you get to the point? Sunscreen clothing inside is to add sunscreen additives! And some 20-30 yuan sunscreen clothes sold on the market are actually ordinary materials. There is no sunscreen layer at all. Although they can block the light, they can't block the penetrating ultraviolet rays. So it's no use considering more styles and materials.

In 2010, the national quality inspection department issued the latest evaluation standard "evaluation of anti ultraviolet performance of textiles", which clearly stipulates the anti ultraviolet function of textiles. Only when the product's UPD (ultraviolet protection factor) is greater than 30 and the UVA (long wave ultraviolet) transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called 'anti ultraviolet product'

How to choose sunscreen clothing

2. Focus on color. Dark color has better UV protection than light color.

3. Focus on fabric. The thick fabric is better than the thin one, and the tight fabric is better than the loose one.

4. Pay attention to the signs. Don't be confused by skin coats and windshields. Many businesses use skin clothing as a windbreaker to pretend to be a sunscreen. The way to identify it depends on whether there is a relevant description of UPF index in the label.

5. Focus on light transmittance and fine density. Talking about sun protection clothing facing the sun, the more light transmission, the worse the anti ultraviolet effect. However, if the degree of fineness is high, the air permeability can not be guaranteed, so a balance should be made between the two when selecting. When the conditions are met, the sunscreen can be covered on the ultraviolet lamp, and the anti ultraviolet effect can be easily seen.

6. In daily use, repeated washing, wearing stretch and wet environment will reduce the anti ultraviolet function.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from the sun in summer, you don't have to rely on sunscreen clothes. Physical sunscreen is better than sunscreen umbrellas and dark clothes.

1 sunscreen

Choose a real sunshade, anti ultraviolet sunscreen umbrella can protect your delicate skin. Foreign standards generally use UPF value, that is, the value of ultraviolet protection coefficient, to evaluate the anti ultraviolet performance of textiles. The UPF value is the ratio of the average radiation of ultraviolet to unprotected skin. The higher the UPF value is, the better the anti ultraviolet performance is.

2. Dark clothes

An ordinary T-shirt is better than the legendary sunscreen, which can isolate most of the ultraviolet light. For outdoor activities, in terms of color, the darker the color, the higher the anti ultraviolet performance. In terms of texture, polyester is better than nylon, nylon is better than rayon, and silk is better than nylon.