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Mother's day sun shine on mother and daughter

Mother's Day is coming. On Mother's day, many stars are taking pictures of themselves and their mother. Let's not talk about Li Xiaolu and Liu Yifei. After all, they have been passed on for a long time. Let's talk about the fresh ones today!

Recently, Guan Xiaotong's mother and daughter shot a group of fashion blockbusters for a magazine, which coincides with the advent of mother's day. It is estimated that this is the best gift for mother!

The mother and daughter in the photo are both wearing warm color camel coat. Guan Xiaotong uses a long knitted shirt with a white T-shirt in the inner bag. It's simple and generous, with a pair of white boots and a long hair shawl. She nestles on her mother's shoulder. It's not only lovely but also smart.

Guan Xiaotong's mother, on the other hand, is a camel colored girl's coat with a white undergarment, a light coffee printed skirt and delicate make-up. She is elegant and intellectual. The smile when she takes photos with her daughter is really beautiful.

As soon as the photo appeared, netizens yelled: "mom is so beautiful!" The mother and daughter interact with each other very lovingly. They are like sisters in the same frame. They are praised as "modern sisters".

On the same day, Tsai Yilin, who took pictures of her mother and daughter, was not so lucky.

In the group photo, Jolin Tsai is wearing a beige short jacket with an ultra short black letter vest and a deep V style. Her neck is slim and her face is very beautiful. With exaggerated large metal earrings, she is very handsome and cool in Europe and America.

The lower part of the body with a slightly style of perforated jeans, jeans uninhibited with half off the shoulder of the loose clothing style, is really with a sense.

In the photo, Jolin Tsai's mother is dressed up in a simple dress, with a purple half sleeve T-shirt, light straight pants and a pair of comfortable sandals. This is the image of a common loving mother.

However, Jolin in the photo make complaints about a pair of shoes. After a careful look, I found that Jolin Tsai in the group photo was wearing a pair of scary high heels!

As we all know, Jolin Tsai is full of strength, but the disadvantage of insufficient height also exists, so many small actresses must have a pair of invincible thick soled high-heeled shoes, but this pair of Jolin Tsai is too exaggerated! So netizens make complaints about their shoes. They are too exaggerated to match the collocation of a shoe completely, so they are ruined by a pair of shoes.