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What are the delivery methods of pregnant mothers? In fact, there are two other methods that you don

Usually we are familiar with the mode of delivery mainly from the natural delivery and cesarean section, in fact, there are two may be unfamiliar, Xiao Bian to introduce you~

There are two main modes of delivery in China: natural delivery and caesarean section. Besides these two modes, there are water delivery and painless delivery.

Expectant mothers should choose the right way according to their own situation, because the quality of each body is very different.

1、 Natural labor

Natural childbirth is natural childbirth; It is the most natural and healthy way of production to push the fetus out of the body by the powerful contraction of the uterus.

The recovery is fast after natural labor, and you can get out of bed and walk on the same day. Generally 3-5 days can be discharged, less cost. Postpartum can eat immediately, and no wound, fewer complications.

For infants, when they come out of the birth canal, their lung function is exercised, and their skin nerve endings are massaged by stimulation. Their nervous and sensory systems are well developed, and the development of the whole body function is also good.

2、 Caesarean section

General maternal can not normal delivery or fetal abnormalities, need to end the production as soon as possible will choose cesarean section. Nowadays, many women can't stand the pain of natural labor and will choose caesarean section.

Cesarean section is an operation, which can avoid the pain of labor, and the time is not long, but the postpartum recovery time is long.

3、 Painless delivery

It is called "labor analgesia" in medicine. Various methods are used to relieve or even disappear the pain during delivery.

Labor analgesia can make expectant mothers no longer experience pain, reduce the fear of childbirth and postpartum fatigue, and let them rest in the longest first stage of labor. When the uterine orifice is fully opened, they have enough strength to complete childbirth because they have accumulated physical strength.

Painless childbirth is not widely used in China, but it has been widely used in foreign countries. Expectant mothers can safely use painless childbirth, which is a simple, safe and mature technology.

4、 Water delivery

As the name suggests, it is to have children in the water; When the newborn is delivered, it is completely immersed in the water. In this process, the head of the newborn must be completely immersed in the water until the whole body is delivered underwater, and then the newborn is immediately lifted out of the water.

In fact, water delivery is only a way of natural delivery, giving mothers a choice of natural delivery mode, which is very popular in foreign countries.