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Dad won't take care of his children. He needs mom to let go

What role should fathers play in parenting? We should assume the role of reassuring the mother and letting him take care of the children! "

Father's absence is mother's responsibility

In daily life, dad is busy with work and social activities, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have time to take care of his children. In fact, many mothers think that dad is busy and can't do it, so they don't give dad the opportunity to take care of their children.

There is a popular saying on the Internet: "never let your father take care of your children!", Look, in fact, it's mom who makes dad absent. The more you don't let dad take you, the longer dad is absent. This is a vicious circle.

In fact, my father will worry at the beginning of taking care of my children: if I usually take care of less children, will my children not adapt to me, will I encounter any problems, and I won't know how to deal with them as my mother does & hellip; Mother at this time to give dad absolute confidence and trust, let dad take a child.

Single role rearing, children's adaptability is poor

Cui Yutao mentioned that many mothers are very careful and worried. They are afraid that their father's different ways of taking care of their children will disturb their children's fixed habits and cause problems in their health and safety. But in fact, the more single the way a child is raised, the worse his adaptability will be in the future. On the contrary, let him also feel his father's way of taking care of children, which may help him learn to adapt to more situations.

Super parenters agree with this view

In fact, you will find that the way father takes children is really different from mother. Father may be more adventurous and take children to do some challenging things, such as climbing mountains, climbing trees, catching insects, jumping high and playing with stones; In the mother's opinion, 'ah, no baby, it's dangerous', but the father will take it as a kind of skill training, a kind of life experience, so that the child can' explore 'in it and satisfy all kinds of curiosity

So the mother should learn to let go, let the child experience more, let the father and son / father and daughter have more time to interact, enhance the feelings.

*Hu Ke, the goddess of mother power, thinks that if father takes care of more children, the parent-child relationship will change dramatically

When it comes to fatherhood, super mum Hu Ke also shares Sha Yi's increasing parent-child feelings after attending where her father went and having a period of high-quality 'intimate contact' with Angie.

Hu Ke said--

The scene before dad went there was like this:

I said: 'mom is on a business trip.'

Angie asked: "Mom, where are you going; How many days to go; Come back early & hellip; I don't want you to go & hellip; '

Sha Yi said: "Dad is on a business trip!"

Angie replied directly: "goodbye, Dad!"

Since you two took part in where Dad went, the scene is like this:

Sha Yi said: "Dad is on a business trip!"

Angie asked: "where are you going & hellip; A few days to go & hellip; '

It seems like a small change, but it's actually the child's acceptance and attachment to his father. Hu Ke is deeply moved, and the emotion between father and son is warming up so much.

Warm reminder from super Parenting Family: we advocate that mothers give fathers more opportunities. Although it's pointed out that mothers don't let go, fathers have to criticize if they don't pay attention. Fathers should also actively participate in parenting life and let themselves integrate into parent-child interaction. Slowly, you will see more and more feedback from children, More and more emotional feedback, what is it? This is parent-child life. The happiness can only be realized by participating in it~