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The harm of sleeping without removing makeup

Although it has been emphasized many times that you should take off your make-up before going to bed, many people will still say that you feel your skin is very good the next day when you sleep without taking off your make-up. But you can't imagine what kind of stimulation your skin will get when it comes to color makeup staying on your face during sleep repair. Let's take a look now.

Your pores get angry

You should know that your bottom makeup will completely block your pores. During the day, the bottom makeup will make your pores' invisible 'and look perfect. But when you sleep with the bottom makeup at night, the bottom makeup will block your pores, and even make your pores expand, so that all the dirt will' fall 'into your pores. Therefore, it is very important to remove the makeup and clean before going to bed, Otherwise, the result of pores' anger 'is that after a few years, you find your pores getting bigger and bigger, and you think it's due to gravity.

Your skin will get super dry

Why do you think skin condition is the best when you get up in the morning and make up? That's because the skin will have a process of repair at night, especially the skin is a moisture maker at night. The function of the skin's outermost stratum corneum is to lock moisture and keep the skin's natural moisture, so that the skin can achieve the goal of water oil balance. If you go to bed with makeup at night, it will increase the burden on the skin and make the skin unable to regulate moisture normally, Over time, the skin will get drier and drier.

External pollution will accompany you to sleep

This is a dirty environment, I believe you can not refute. Whether it's haze weather or pollution caused by automobile exhaust, it's always' eroding 'your skin, and the bottom makeup will absorb some particles. If you don't remove your makeup before going to bed, then the continuous oxidative stress will last all night. The so-called oxidative stress means that your skin constantly resists the oxidation process brought by the outside world, which will lead to premature aging.

Acne will always be with you

Why do we say that acne will always be with you? Because if you don't take off your makeup before going to bed, the bacteria and oil mentioned above will stimulate your acne. If you are acne prone skin, you will get acne repeatedly if you don't take off your makeup; And if you are not acne skin, originally no problem skin will gradually become prone to inflammation.

Your skin will betray you

Our skin can really 'endure', you can wear makeup for a long time, but only for 8 hours. Within 8 hours, you will feel that your skin is in good condition. Once you wear makeup for 24 hours, your skin will 'betray' you and become more prone to inflammation and sensitivity. Once you have sensitive symptoms, it is impossible to recover to perfect skin in the future. Therefore, while your skin is still in good condition, it is the minimum guarantee for your skin to accompany you for a long time to carefully remove makeup and clean every day.