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Hu Ke's education for children as a mother, you should learn it

Recently, mother is the brother of crucian carp in Superman, which has attracted a lot of people's love. To see these two babies perform so well, of course, the credit can't be separated from their mother. I have to say that Hu Ke's education of Anji and xiaoyu'er in the program is in sharp contrast to that of Ma Yashu and Bao Wenjing. As early as before, Sha Yi and Hu Ke were praised by netizens for educating their children very well when they took Anji and Xiaoyuer to participate in the reality show "where are you going, Dad".

Of course, Hu Ke and Sha Yi were repeatedly asked about the topic of educating children when they were interviewed. In the program, Hu Ke once said: children are also independent individuals, so we should treat children as adults, communicate equally and respect her personal wishes. In addition, Hu Ke also stressed that "as a mother, you should show weakness in front of your son properly, which can not only stimulate the child's desire to protect his mother, but also establish a sense of responsibility and cultivate the habit of helping others from an early age."

In life, Hu Ke does, so when Angie and Xiaoyuer grab toys, Hu Ke doesn't say that Xiaoyuer is the younger brother and let Angie give the toys to his younger brother. Instead, he resolves the crisis between Angie and Xiaoyuer after equal communication; When Hu Ke is late to pick up Angie, she will admit her mistake and apologize to Angie.

In a word, Hu Ke can't educate Anji and Xiaoyuer without the four words of 'equal treatment' or 'showing weakness appropriately'. However, I don't know how many parents are baffled by these four simple words. Therefore, if some fans have become parents, they should really learn from Hu Ke in parenting, so they can't cultivate such good babies as Anji and Xiaoyuer?

Hu Ke education tips, let's see!

1. Mothers should learn to control their emotions reasonably

Hu Ke picks up Anji from school. Even though she is anxious, she tries to be calm so that she can't make Anji flustered and comfort her on the phone, so that the child can keep enough sense of security.

Adults' different ways of dealing with emotions have a great influence on children. Impatience, anger, depression and passivity are not the best ways to solve problems. The calmer the mother is, the more confident and sensible the child is. A mother who can manage her emotions well is also the best mother for her children.

2. Good family education environment

Sha Yi and Hu Ke met on the loess high slope and on the Xi'an film set. They often express their feelings on the microblog. It's not difficult to see that they love each other very much. They appreciate and love each other. Let Anji and Xiaoyuer feel warm in a happy and warm family and grow up happily in love.

The results of psychological research show that: a good marital status and a happy and stable family atmosphere are crucial to the growth of children. The best love parents give their children is the love between them. The good relationship between parents can provide children with enough sense of security. If a child does not grow up in a family atmosphere bathed in love, then the vacancy in his heart can not be made up by a good education.

3. However, more interference between children, give enough space

'crucian brothers' get along, Hu Ke insisted:' who said the boss will let the second? In the case of protecting them from the harm of principle, try to let them think about whether this thing is right or wrong, good or bad, and let them find a way to solve the problem by themselves. "

In fact, in the process of children getting along, the more adults interfere, the more intense their relationship will be. If adults give them enough space, they will certainly find a balance between them.

4. Respect children's wishes and communicate equally

Hu Ke's "free range" way is to give him free and happy growth space. "I don't like him to become a very regular child. He can try a lot of things.". Although Hu Ke and Sha Yi are actors, they will not give him too much planning. The way they get along with their children is like friends, caring and understanding each other.

Parents should pay attention to maintain equality with their children when communicating, and never be superior just because they are parents. Only by communicating equally with children can they be willing to speak to you.

Xiao you's summary: Hu Ke's good education methods can be used for reference. If you have good education methods and problems, you can also leave a message to share, so that millions of parents can learn and solve education problems together.