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When does Ode to joy 2 start? The most complete joy in history, ode to joy 2 are you looking forward to it? On March 8, Zhejiang satellite TV microblog issued an article, confirming that "Ode to joy 2" will be fixed on May 11. The official micro blog did not forget to celebrate the happy women's Day: "spring is strong, so we should have the best of it. Five beauties on the 22nd floor wish you a happy goddess's Day!"

In the ending of the TV series Ode to joy, Andy and Wei Wei finally break up and have a good feeling for Xiaobao. Fan shengmei is finally freed from the identity of "family debt repayment". Although he and Wang Baichuan come together, they are opposed by each other's family; Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping are as good as ever; Qiu Yingying learned to be independent, gradually found self-confidence in her small career, and met the programmer Yingqin; And Guan juer's ability was recognized, and finally became a regular in the company.

It is reported that in Ode to joy 2, Andy (Liu Tao) is facing new possibilities of emotion due to Bao Yifan (Yang Shuo), but he is also facing new troubles from his life experience and the Bao family; Fan shengmei (Jiang Xin) tries to start a new life, but it is still difficult to break away from the family mire, relying on Wang Baichuan (Zhang Lu) everywhere and pressing everything; The gap between Qu Xiaoxiao (Prince ornament) and Dr. Zhao (Wang Kai ornament) still exists. The seemingly stable family relationship of Qu family is in danger; Qiu Yingying (Yang Zishi) is infatuated with Yingqin (Wu HaoChen), but her emotional experience makes Yingqin unable to accept; Guan Ju'er (Qiao Xin) meets rock young Xie bin (Deng Lun) and falls in love, but his parents strongly oppose him.