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What's the harm of abortion? You need to know the harm

In the people's righteousness, Gao Xiaoqin was lucky to have a baby after her abortion. Today, I will tell you about the harm of abortion!

To a large extent, the success of this play is due to the wonderful performance of a group of powerful veteran dramatists. In the play, Gao Xiaoqin, President of beauty, played by Hu Jing, has left a deep image!

I didn't want to be a waiter in Huilong hotel. Gao Xiaoqin has been insulted by Zhao Ruilong and Du shouzu for many times. In four years, she had three abortions! After lamenting the difficult life of the female boss, I later learned that she and Qi Tongwei had a son in Hong Kong. Xiao Bian wants to talk with us today about the long-term damage of multiple abortions.

Damage 1: abortion sequelae, backache and abdominal pain, body deficiency

Although abortion is a small operation, it may occur when abortion, the uterus is not short, resulting in a lot of bleeding; It may also lead to incomplete flow of people and need second curettage; Such as uterine displacement, excessive tortuosity or lactation uterus, simple uterine perforation attack; Some pregnant mothers will attack induced abortion syndrome, hypotension, slow heart rate, sweating and so on. In the long term after the traditional artificial abortion, the uterus and the basal layer of cervical endometrium will be damaged during curettage, and the cervix and uterine cavity will be adhered, which will cause the blood flow to be blocked; Or excessive curettage damage the basement layer of endometrium and cause amenorrhea.

Damage two: constitute habitual abortion

Too many painless abortion simply constitute habitual abortion. Each abortion often occurs in the same month of pregnancy, and its damage is the same as the usual abortion. After painless abortion, if the bleeding time is too long, there is tissue remaining in the uterine cavity or improper abortion, it may cause intrauterine infection, severe infection can be held to the pelvic cavity, abdominal cavity and even the whole body, complicated with pelvic inflammatory disease, peritonitis, septicemia and septic shock, known as abortion infection.

Damage three: constitute lifelong infertility

After repeated operations, the endometrium is repeatedly clipped, making the uterine wall thinner and the endometrium less and less, which will lead to severe consequences such as too few holidays, gynecological inflammation, lifelong infertility and even death. For example, endometritis, adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine perforation lead to life-long infertility, who have repeatedly implemented artificial abortion, more simple attack. Result in too few holidays, even amenorrhea. The fertilized egg can not develop into an embryo because it has no outstanding 'soil', so it is infertile for life.

Damage 4: intrauterine infection

Intrauterine infection refers to the prenatal or intrapartum, placenta, membranes, amniotic fluid or fetal premature rupture of membranes, from the vagina or cervix of the bacteria into the uterus caused by infection. It can maintain to postpartum or from the beginning of postpartum clinical manifestations, can cause severe maternal and fetal infection, resulting in neonatal pneumonia, sepsis or meningitis. If the pregnant mother is in vaginal labor, the urgency of infection after labor is low. If it is cesarean section, it can develop into postpartum endometritis, peritonitis, thrombotic pelvic phlebitis, septicemia, and even death.

It can be seen that the injury of abortion to women's body is irreversible! Now the country has opened up the second child, women friends must think carefully for the body.