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What is the best love that can make you perfect yourself

What is the best love? How many people remember your smile, and how many people wipe away your tears? Holding hands is always short, loneliness often leads to hate. Happiness is a simple thing, but it is all living beings who are confused.

There are three realms of love: love at first sight, mutual affection and long life together. You need to fall in love with a lot of people at first sight, and then you can grow old together.

All one's life, what one suffered when he was young, is just a springboard. People on the springboard, the most difficult is to jump down before the heart of the struggle, helplessness. I hope that all the burdens will become gifts, and all the sufferings will light up the confused road in the future.

As long as you live, there will be the worst days, but there will also be the best times, that is life.

If you really care, if you really want, if you really want, you can do it. Nothing is as difficult as you think. But it's hard to be awake every day, every hour, every minute. It's not a big chance falling from the sky that determines your destiny, but a small choice you make every minute. All the difference was in that minute.

It's not because of the difficulties that we fear; It's because we're afraid, so it's difficult.

Before every glimmer of dawn, there must be a long night that is about to suffocate; Before the arrival of every glory, there must be too many days when they are looked down upon; Before each burst of applause, there are always too many sighs and too many cold eyes; At every peak, there are always shells; Every vast sea is the mulberry field of the past. So at every moment when you are about to give up, remember to say to yourself: come on, don't cry.

The more darkness, the more can not extinguish the lamp of life, the more to light up the light of life. The light is ideal, faith and hope.

Kind and sincere people know how to take care of others. This quality, whether it comes from men or women, is worthy of respect. If you can't, no matter how smart and talented you are, you won't feel noble. Kindness is beyond it, with a weak and firm light.

When you look back one day, you will find that those days are the best.

There are only three things in the world: my business, his business and God's business. Those who complain about themselves should try to accept themselves; People who complain about others should try to turn complaints into requests; Those who complain about God, please try to pray for your wishes. In this way, your life will have unexpected changes, and your life will be more beautiful and complete.

It's not love but possessiveness that a person wants to get you. A person who really loves you, will not try his best to get you, will not lie to you, will not flatter you, but will help you with his heart and plan for the future. People who love you sometimes can't even do it. They just hurt and watch you silently. The deeper you love, the more timid you love.

The best love makes you perfect yourself without losing yourself.

Don't rush to judge life just because you are in a moment's mood. Some people have a very different outlook on life today and tomorrow. If you hurt others or destroy yourself because you fall into the bottom of a depression, you will be regretful tomorrow.

Once thought, parting is to leave the people you don't love. One day, when I grow up, I find that there is a kind of parting, which is to leave the person you love. There is a kind of parting, is wiping tears, dare not look back.