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Dating skills for girls what should we pay attention to on the first date

Are you ready for a date? What should girls pay attention to on their first date? It's not just about putting on beautiful clothes and making up, but also paying attention to certain skills on the first date. Today, let's talk about the skills of girls' first date?

Pay attention to the meter

Girls should not wear too rich make-up, too rich will give the man a bad impression. There is the man will think you must be not too beautiful or not too confident, just use heavy makeup to cover up. It is suggested to put on a fresh light make-up suitable for yourself to leave a good impression of purity and loveliness.

Don't expect too much

The night before your first date with TA, will you be too excited to sit still or scratch the sofa? Don't be happy too soon! It sounds like a wet blanket, but it's a good piece of advice: lower your expectations of your first date so that you won't be disappointed even if it's not very pleasant; And if the date goes well, it's a surprise for you!

Don't talk too seriously

When you're dating, put serious topics like current affairs, news and political opinions aside! They are so divisive! If you don't want to spoil the atmosphere of the date, you'd better not mention it.

Avoid bragging about yourself

When you meet for the first time, if you only give a general account of your personal situation, it will leave you a sense of mystery and look forward to meeting you next time. On the contrary, being too pushy will make the other person think that you are an emotional dependent and unwilling to have a deep relationship with you.

Sexy underwear is equipped!

Even if your first date doesn't end in a passionate way, wearing sexy underwear will at least boost your confidence. And, if you're passionate in the end, you don't want a granny under your skinny jeans!

Don't forget your wallet

Although it's common for a man to pay for a date, don't rule out the possibility of meeting a stingy man! Just in case, please take your wallet with you.