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How to make baby have perfect head shape

Just born baby, every parents want their children to have a good head shape, how to sleep to have a good head shape? Follow Xiaobian to have a look~

About the head shape

According to statistics, the perfect round head of the baby is very few, about 75% of the baby will have varying degrees of deviation.

I hope my baby has a beautiful head shape. Before one year old, I might as well try the following methods:

Because always supine sleep easy to put the back of the head flat, and prone sleep will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, so, usually let the baby supine sleep, prone to play. Even if you sleep on your back, you should always change the position of your head to avoid constant pressure on a certain position of your head.

Because children like to face the light and look at bright colors, occasionally change the position and direction of the cot, or change the position of the objects around the room and cot, so as to change the direction that the baby likes to look at when lying down. But do not put anything on one side of the baby's head to help him turn his head, which will increase the risk of suffocation.

Because usually the baby likes to sleep facing the mother, so occasionally change the baby and your sleeping position, so that the baby will not always sleep to one side, can prevent sleep deviation.

When you hold your baby, you should also change the way. Whether you hold it horizontally or vertically, it's easy for adults and babies to feel uncomfortable if you keep a certain posture for a long time. It's very natural to hold all kinds of posture in turn. Of course, do not always hold the baby in one way, you can adjust or change the side to feed the baby.

About shaped pillow

We need to remind you that keeping babies in a specific sleeping position or designing 'anti side sleepers' and' shaped sleepers' to improve the baby's head shape will increase the risk of infant asphyxia, and it is not good for improving the baby's head shape.

Pillows are not essential for babies. In particular, there is no need to use pillows for newborns. The three physiological curves of the newborn's spine have not yet appeared. Too high pillows affect normal growth and development, and also cause dyspnea. Using a pillow even increases the risk of suffocation before the baby can turn over.

About corrective helmet

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) points out that only a very small number of serious cases require the use of head shape correction helmets under the guidance of doctors. In 2014, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a study that suggested that head shape correction helmets can improve parents' anxiety, can not change the natural improvement process of head shape, and may also bring discomfort, skin allergy, bad smell, inconvenient holding children and other problems.

Focus on torticollis

In fact, the baby's head shape is also related to the problem of torticollis. Early detection and correction can avoid the occurrence of head deviation.

Many parents judge their children as torticollis because they find that their children like to sleep with their head tilted to one side. In fact, this may be only a stage preference in the process of their children's growth, not torticollis. However, if parents are worried, they need to seek professional judgment from doctors

If the baby is lying on his back quietly, his head is tilted to one side, and the middle line of the long sleeve of his head is at an obvious angle with the middle line of the long axis of his body, please take the baby to the pediatric orthopedics department for treatment. If the diagnosis is torticollis, under the guidance of a professional doctor, massage the & lsquo; sternocleidomastoid muscle & quot; of the affected side, and return to visit regularly for re evaluation. If the massage does not improve after half a year, consider timely surgical treatment, so as to avoid the formation of head and face deformity.


Serious head shape asymmetry should be corrected in time. Slight head shape asymmetry will not affect brain development. After the baby can sit up, the phenomenon of head shape asymmetry will gradually improve. By school age, with the modification of hair style, the head shape asymmetry can not be seen basically.