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How to wear a baseball cap is your style

baseball cap is a fashion item that never fades. Why do other people's star wanghong look so good wearing baseball cap and wear it like an X? There's no feeling of playfulness or rock and roll! Let's learn how to wear baseball cap? How to wear baseball cap for girls with different facial styles? Let's follow Xiaobian to see how to wear baseball cap for girls with short hair and round face

Girls with short hair are generally not recommended to wear baseball caps. If they have to wear baseball caps, it's best to wear them in a regular way. You can take the bangs a little to the temples, and then tie a ponytail, it's very good-looking. Wearing method of baseball cap with round face and long hair:

Girls with round face wearing baseball caps tend to give people a sharp head and a bigger face. So if it's a long hair beauty, you can cover most of the hair over the cheek, and then press the brim on two-thirds of the forehead. How to wear a baseball cap with Guazi face

Girls Qi bangs hat is very cute, if it is long hair, you can feel free to point, hat brim cap in the forehead of a third of the place, will be thick Qi bangs exposed, do not press bangs, because it will be very ugly. Middle split face baseball cap wearing method:

Girl melon face is a good face shape, but when wearing baseball cap, it's easy to show that the face is extra long, so the brim of the hat needs to be lowered a little, so it can show the chin and nose more three-dimensional, and it also has a sense of mystery.