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How to care for mixed skin

What is mixed skin, is to take into account both dry and oily skin, care up is more troublesome, the following small edit teach you mixed skin care steps and the correct care methods, no matter the oil or dry do not worry, whether blackhead acne or acne say goodbye!

Skin care steps for mixed skin

Specifically, the mixed skin mm cheek parts and lips on both sides are dry, forehead nose is oily, under the forehead will often play a small acne, and coarse pores. Mixed skin condition is not very stable, sometimes very dry, sometimes sebum secretion is strong, so in daily routine maintenance, it is best to change the maintenance method according to the skin condition of the day.

1、 Cleaning

At the beginning of skin care every day, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. If you make up, you should remove your make-up at night. Mixed skin should be careful to avoid foaming when choosing cleansing cream. Before, it always felt that the face oil could stir fry. It must be washed to the face and felt a little bit of oil. So it has been buying foam type cleansing cream to use. The result is that the more oil is washed, the more washed and dried.

It is suggested that the emulsion type cleansing cream should be used, although it is not as clean as foam after washing, but after washing, it can maintain good moisturizing degree and will not dry at all, nor will it soon produce oil.

Pay attention to wash face action to light, often see a lot of MM always like to wash his face very hard, actually don't need, gently can wash the face clean.

2、 Exfoliation

Mixed skin exfoliation up to twice a week. Many people's skin care lacks this step. They simply smear things on their faces. But what they feel is not very effective. In fact, the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, which affects the absorption of the skin. So making facial mask is very important. Mixed skin people because the T area is oily, the pores are thicker, and the cheeks may be neutral or partial dry. Therefore, conditional MM can choose two facial mask to use together.

There are oil control pores shrink mask applied in the T area, the role of replenishment on the cheeks and forehead, but many people will feel this is too much trouble. If you only buy one, you can choose to replenish water first, and you can add some pearl powder when you apply it in the T area.

3、 Toner

Toner twice a day. When choosing toner for mixed skin, pay attention not to use alcohol toner for the sake of shrinking pores, and choose moisturizing toner when using only one toner. When using toner, make-up cotton should be used to achieve uniform and comprehensive effect. If you feel that the nose is particularly oily, you can apply makeup cotton on the nose after wiping the toner, and remove it after it is dry. The oil control effect is first-class.

Four. Emulsion

The use of lotion is also two times a day. Many MM feel that their faces are already very oily, and they are always afraid of applying lotion. In fact, this is a key step in moisturizing oil control. The mixed skin should pay attention to moisturizing and oil control when choosing the lotion, so that the skin can restore proper water and oil balance. One emulsion is difficult to achieve both oil control and moisture retention, so it is recommended to use two kinds of lotion.

5、 Isolation protection

Isolation is the last step of skin care in the morning, not at night. There are many factors that affect the skin, especially the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to add one-step isolation protection in daytime maintenance, that is to use cream, foundation or sunscreen. Mixed skin in the choice of isolation products should pay attention to choose light texture, do not give the skin too much burden.