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What kind of shoes should I wear with shorts in summer

when summer comes, how to wear shorts is also a key issue. How to wear shorts in order to wear more brilliant ~ in fact, the collocation of shoes is very important! Let's take a look at the talent demonstration wearing method. Shorts with casual shoes summer denim super shorts and casual shoes are absolutely classic CP, super shorts with casual shoes do not have to worry about fat legs thick, but this casual collocation is more eye-catching. This is the right way to open summer styling. White Chiffon material top with fringes, old jeans, a pair of white casual shoes make the shape slightly light, very summer vitality. It's not just small white shoes, small black shoes match very well. Dark print star shirt with light blue denim shorts, casual American style is coming out. A pair of small black canvas shoes are fashionable. Shorts with flat sandals, shorts with flat sandals, full of cool feeling. Its own holiday style is pleasing to the eye. If it's a holiday, naturally casual Roman strapping sandals will satisfy your mood. Simple flat bottom style can make your holiday full of summer fun.