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How does summer axillary perspiration do more teach you stop perspiration method

Every summer, every part of the body starts to sweat, especially under the armpit. Once you sweat, it's very obvious and ugly. How can you avoid such embarrassment? Xiaobian teaches you how to stop sweating under the armpit~

1. Acupoint massage

(1) Hegu Point

Usually sweaty people or people who are prone to sweating due to physical weakness can massage the following three acupoints to prevent excessive sweating. Hegu Point is located in the middle depression of the root of thumb and index finger. Pressing Hegu Point can achieve the effect of sweat gland contraction.

(2) Fuliu point

Fuliu point is located between the ankle and Achilles tendon of the lower leg, 2 fingers wide upward. Pressing and kneading Fuliu point can relieve edema, night sweat and spontaneous perspiration, and help the body to have normal water metabolism.

(3) Zusanli

Zusanli is located in the outer knee, 4 fingers downward, between fibula and tibia. According to Zusanli, it can promote the function of digestive system, accelerate the excretion of toxins, and improve the body's ability to prevent diseases. It is suitable for people with weak body and excessive sweating.

(4) Neiguan point

People with deficiency of heart qi can massage Neiguan point, people with deficiency of lung qi can massage Yuji point, and people with temperament disorder can massage Zusanli point more. The three acupoints are all health preserving acupoints. In addition to more pressing for patients with hyperhidrosis, ordinary people can often press for health care.

Neiguan point: it belongs to the pericardial meridian of hand Jueyin. It is located on the palmar side of forearm, 2 inches (about 3 transverse fingers) above the wrist transverse line, between the palmaris longus tendon and the flexor carpi radialis tendon. This point has the functions of calming the mind, treating heartache and palpitation, regulating emotions, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

(5) Thenar hole

Yuji point is the acupoint of lung meridian of hand Taiyin, which is located behind the thumb joint of hand, at the middle point of palm Gu, and at the red and white meat border. This point can regulate lung qi, clear away heat and fire, relieve cough and asthma, achieve the effect of dispersing lung and strengthening exterior, and then achieve the effect of antiperspiration.

2. Use antiperspirant

Some components in antiperspirants can block the sweat gland ducts that produce sweat, and shrink the secretory cells, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing sweat secretion. Some antiperspirants also have bactericidal effect and have certain curative effect on odor sweat. When the axillary perspiration is too late to clean, you can spray some antiperspirant properly to achieve the purpose of armpit odor free and increase the fragrance. These methods are suitable for young women who are about to enter public places or meeting rooms.

Basically, it can be applied once a day. If the situation is serious, it can be applied two to three times, but the times should not be too many. However, the effect of antiperspiration depends on individual reaction, which varies from person to person. As antiperspirants only temporarily inhibit the secretion function of sweat glands, they will gradually return to the previous state after discontinuation.

3. Drink more lactic acid drinks

Often drink lactic acid drinks for the treatment of body odor is still very effective. Lactic acid drinks can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body, thus reducing the excretion of bacteria from the skin through sweat glands, because bacteria do not like to grow in acidic environment.

4. Remove armpit hair

This method is a last resort. Removing armpit hair can make the sweat drained out dry as soon as possible, and will not leave any residue on the body. Even if there is, it will stick on the clothes, which has little effect on the body. Therefore, this phenomenon will be improved to reduce the growth of bacteria in armpit hair. It is recommended to use some hair removal cream, for girls can also play a beauty effect.

5. Cure the disease first

If it's not normal sweating, it's caused by some diseases. The key is to cure the disease first.

Hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other endocrine diseases may affect the secretion of sweat glands, causing axillary sweating;

Sympathetic nerve injury or abnormal reactions lead to increased secretion of choline acetate, resulting in excessive sweat secretion from eccrine glands;

Hypertension, menopause and the action of accessory renal cortical hormones may also lead to axillary sweating in summer.

Summer how to avoid armpit total perspiration 1, clean armpit everyday

It's very important to clean armpits every day in summer, especially for people who are prone to sweat and have sweat smell. You can choose sulfur soap or special shower gel to clean armpits, and pay attention to keep armpits dry and fresh. People with heavy armpit hair are easy to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell in armpits in summer. You can choose to remove armpit hair to clean armpits easily, Make your armpits dry.

2. Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Wearing long sleeve clothes can't cover up your sweat smell. On the contrary, it may increase sweating and accelerate the decomposition of sweat by bacteria due to the lack of ventilation in the armpit. The smell of sweat can't disperse, which will only lead to more and more intense sweat smell. It's best to choose loose, cotton thin clothes in summer.

3. Change clothes in time

After sweating, you should change the wet clothes and clean them in time. The clothes are mixed with sweat, which not only leads to stronger sweat odor, but also accelerates the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, you should change clothes frequently and take a bath frequently.

4. Reduce strenuous exercise

Excessive exercise will lead to a large number of sweat discharge, to prevent this phenomenon, take a bath immediately after strenuous exercise, wash away the sweat on the body, keep the body, especially the armpit clean and fresh, or reduce strenuous exercise, to avoid the phenomenon of sweating a lot.

5. Pay attention to your diet

Eating spicy food will also cause more axillary sweating. When this symptom occurs, we must control our diet and try to avoid contact with this kind of spicy food. This will not only improve sweating, but also reduce the possibility of acne for young people. Therefore, we should eat less spicy and other stimulating food, such as hot pot Let's go.

6. Pay attention to hygiene

Generally, our sweat will give off a certain odor only after a certain amount of subtle bacterial decomposition, so keeping our body clean can reduce the rapid growth of bacteria, so that our armpit odor will not attack. Use disinfectant (such as drip) or disinfectant soap to take a bath two to three times a day; if you have to go to work and cannot take a bath often, you should also wash your armpits regularly. If you sweat a lot after exercise, you should take a bath as soon as possible. Otherwise, bacteria will breed and the odor will be stronger.