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What can eat to lose weight staple food to eat right can

Many people who lose weight always feel that they can't eat staple food to lose weight, because staple food will make the body fat. Xiaobian thinks that it's because you don't eat the right staple food. Many foods in life will become thinner and thinner when they are staple food. So what is it? Listen to Xiaobian!


Potato is rich in dietary fiber, has anti-aging effect, and is a high potassium and low sodium food, which is very suitable for the edematous obesity, and has the effect of thin legs. The most important thing is a strong sense of satiety.

At present, China has been advocating "potato staple food".

Cooking to eat the best, you can make mashed potatoes, potato cakes, if there are potatoes in the dish, staple food need to reduce

Eat a fist once a day

Yam / taro

They are both vegetables and food. Rich in carbohydrates and cellulose, it is also very good for health. This as a staple food is a good choice, eat more will not eat too many calories, satiety is also greasy!

Job's tears

It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, tonifying the lung, clearing away heat and promoting diuresis. Coix seed porridge contains much higher protein than rice and flour, which is easy to digest and absorb. It is beneficial to reduce gastrointestinal burden and enhance physique. Coix seed can also treat edema, carbuncle pus, rheumatic arthralgia and other diseases. Modern studies have proved that coix seed has the effects of anti-tumor, enhancing immunity, reducing blood sugar and so on.


Rich in nutrition, it contains a lot of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and so on. Among them, there is a kind of nicotinic acid, which is very good for health. However, nicotinic acid in corn does not exist alone, but combined with other substances, which is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by human body. When making corn, there is a trick - adding baking soda can release niacin, which is fully utilized by human body.

Red rice

Rich in starch and plant protein, it can supplement the consumed physical strength and maintain normal body temperature. It is rich in many nutrients, among which iron is the most abundant, so it has the effect of nourishing blood and preventing anemia. Rich in phosphorus, vitamin A, B group, can improve malnutrition, night blindness, beriberi and other diseases; and can effectively relieve fatigue, depression and insomnia and other symptoms.

brown rice

The content of mineral, dietary fiber and vitamin B in brown rice is higher than that in milled rice, but the calorie is lower, which is more suitable for weight loss. If it is soaked in advance, the brown rice tastes bad. When steaming, you can add 10-50% glutinous rice.