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When is the easiest time to gain weight

People who lose weight may be more worried about when they are most likely to get fat. They must control themselves well. These periods are really easier to get fat.

1-3 years after dieting

Clinical psychologists say: people are more likely to gain weight after stopping dieting. The reason is that after stopping the diet, the metabolic rate will decrease by 10% - 50%, and it will take at least one year for the complete recovery.

That's why I don't want you to blindly believe in those who succeed in dieting, because the hidden dangers may be hidden for a day or two, or a month or two, which outsiders can't see.


According to the latest study by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, married women gain about 2.25 kg and men 1.8 kg.

Nutritionists believe that newlyweds may gain weight by spending more time together. To avoid this, he suggests two people exercise together. Like playing ball games, taking a walk after dinner.

Find a new job

When you start a new job, it not only means that you have to deal with a group of new colleagues, think about the work style of the new supervisor, and try to make your own world here. These are invisible pressures.

In order to achieve their expectations, many people will increase the intensity of work, ignore good meals, pause exercise habits and so on.


Women gain weight during pregnancy, starting with the hips and thighs. If the body weight increases by 11.25-15.75 kg, it can return to the pre pregnancy condition one year after delivery. It is generally impossible to lose weight soon after delivery.

But in this important stage of life, the whole family's attention is on the lovely baby. Others will feel that the figure out of shape, poor state, and even have the first wrinkle, are just an experience on the road of life.

But only the new mother knows that every time she looks in the mirror, she is more eager to change her figure and loose belly

After quitting smoking

Smoking promotes metabolism. But studies also show that quitting smoking can lead to a lot of weight gain. A study found that women gained about 3.6 kg after quitting smoking, while men gained about 2.7 kg.

Many studies believe that nicotine in tobacco can promote the secretion of growth hormone and increase the consumption and utilization of fat. After quitting smoking, the heat burned when smoking is not volatilized, and then it accumulates into fat.

But in fact, the amount of heat accumulation is very small, which can be offset by a little more activity every day. However, quitting smoking at the beginning often makes people feel depressed and don't want to be active.


In fact, it is not difficult to see that many easy to get fat stage, are due to the surge of life pressure.

In this era of emotional illness and depression, many people are not active choices to gain weight, just the side effects of diet to relieve stress.

Ben Jiu is not a professional psychologist, but I have gone through many of the above stages. I can only give you some of my own experience, and I hope you can share it with me.

1. Enjoy food, not mechanical eating

Many people who lose weight have to restrain their diet, so once they have food on hand, they often eat more and faster. In my opinion, this is not to enjoy delicious food. Which Michelin company have you ever seen?

You know, this way of eating not only can't satisfy your taste, but also can't satisfy your psychology. Because of this, many people still want to eat after eating, so they must eat to support.

The next time you eat, you are required to describe the taste of the food after eating. In this way, you can urge yourself to eat more slowly.

2. Find yourself a hobby

Don't always take pride in yourself as a foodie. People are only called foodies if they don't get fat. If they eat, they will get fat

Find yourself a real hobby. You like reading, shopping, matching clothes, even cleaning your room. When your negative emotions surge, do these things instead of leaving yourself to eat.

3. Eat three meals a day at any time

Any behavior that does not cherish oneself is just to make relatives hurt and enemies quick. It's just like if you break your body, you can only let others live in your house, sleep with your sister / man, spend the money you save and beat your baby