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How does mammary prolapse soft do? How to delay mammary prolapse

With the growth of age, the older the age, the more relaxed and sagging the breast will be. In fact, as long as you take more care in life and get rid of bad living habits, you can slow down the speed of breast sagging.

Breast ptosis generally comes from two reasons. One is ligament relaxation, the other is excessive weight. Breast sagging, usual health care is very important, from the teenage period have to do enough homework, and even from the beginning of breast development should be more care for it.

1. Massage the breast.

Take the supine position every day, support the bottom of the left breast with the left hand, at the same time, use the right palm and left hand to push 20-30 times towards the nipple, and then massage the right breast with the same method.

2. Choose the right bra.

The size of the underwear depends on the shape of the chest. The full cup can completely surround the breast, it can tighten the diffuse or loose breast, suitable for women with plump chest; the half cup can directly support the lower part of the breast, suitable for women with sagging chest; the side cup can push the breast from both sides to the middle, making the breasts plump, suitable for women with expanding or flat chest.

3. Pay attention to sleeping posture.

Don't form the habit of sleeping on your stomach. It's easy to squeeze your breasts and cause sagging.

4. Eat more high protein food.

Fat and collagen are the main components of the breast. When eating, we should ensure the intake of high protein food to provide adequate nutrition for the chest and maintain a balanced hormone level, which can make the chest full and firm.