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What kind of hairstyle is good in summer

in summer, as a girl with long hair, it's probably the most important thing to get her hair done. How to make her hair look good and cool? Let's watch this episode with Xiaobian~

Nezha's head is hot in summer. It's refreshing, sweet and lovely. It's definitely the best choice for summer heat and age reduction.

It may be a little sultry to keep a shoulder length hairstyle in summer with a low horsetail. It's very nice to have a low horsetail hairstyle like this. It's refreshing and elegant.

Double ponytail cute double ponytail believe you will not refuse it, the long hair tied into a pair of ponytail, age reduction more revealed, with short summer hair super sweet.

Banwantou, which is very popular in 2017, is also suitable for summer. Half of banwantou, half of shawl, is fashionable and playful. This summer's concave convex shape can't be less.

The ball head is fresh. The ball head is a necessary hairstyle in summer. The ball head is high and fresh, showing temperament. It is sweet and tender with air bangs, and it is eye-catching with hair band embellishment.

Goddesses with black and straight double braided hair can try this hairstyle in summer. Simply tie the long hair into a double braided hair. It's refreshing and refreshing immediately. Wearing a straw hat is very refreshing.

Tall ponytail is fresh and full of vitality. It's also worth trying. The hair is high and tied into ponytail + the air feels like bangs. It's full of youth and vitality.

Double twist ponytail this is a very small and fresh double twist ponytail. The braid is just placed on the shoulder. It's very cute and cute. With the air bangs inside the buckle, it's a perfect eye-catching match.