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What is soft fog lip? How to draw beautiful soft fog lip

Seeing that many girls' lips are particularly beautiful, I feel that they are not the same as usual. Originally, this kind of lip painting method is called soft fog lip. How to draw soft fog lip? There are many kinds of lip makeup painting methods. Today, I want to share with you the painting method of soft fog lip. Come and have a look!

What is soft fog lip?

As the literal meaning is general, the soft fog lip is like wearing a layer of gauze to the lips, which makes the lips feel hazy. But it is different from the matte lip. The soft fog lip also has a little light luster. The combination of the fog surface and luster can gently reduce the age.

How to draw a picture of soft fog lips

Soft fog lip is between matte and water light, or moisten or slightly dry, depending on your own choice, you can control it at will. If you want to be tender in the spring, you can moisten it a little; if you want to be sexy in the party, you can be slightly matte, but the key is to make your lips look like a layer of mist!

Matte lipstick improved version: simple and convenient

If you have a dummy lipstick, it is very easy to draw a glossy lip. You only need to rub the lip balm before applying it, and then add some transparent liquid lipstick slightly after applying the lipstick.

The trick is to make up the foundation with makeup before the makeup.

Using lipstick before bottoming can not only improve lip color but also cover lips. You must have known it long ago. Matte lipstick is more or less dry. If you go out with a lip balm or feel dry, using a soft foundation will help you get twice the result with half the effort.

Water light lipstick improved version: water lasting

Is there any more lip gloss on your side? If you want to paint the lip with water lip gloss, it's actually better and more lasting.

Here is a little trick: tissue + powder

The lip gloss of water and light often has more moisturizing ingredients, which makes it easier to dip and fade. Using paper towel + loose powder can not only draw beautiful lips, but also make lipstick more durable.

Step 1: exfoliate lips first.

Step2: apply lip balm.

Step 3: paint your lipstick, thick.

Step4: an important step. Put the paper towel on the mouth of your lipstick, then gently sweep the powder with a brush.

Step5: then smear a layer of your lipstick on a thin coat.

Step 6: soft lip is finished!


1. The soft fog lips not only need the soft fog face make-up feeling, but also can be more sexy if the lips are full!

2. use paste lip balm and lip pencil to produce better results.