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How to solve skin problems? Let's see what problems you have

How to solve skin problems teach you to deal with all kinds of skin problems, it is said that beauty is a woman's nature, every woman is eager to have an immortal face. With the growth of age, women's skin will gradually relax, all kinds of skin problems also follow. So, how to solve the skin problem? Today Xiaobian give you tips, hurry to save your skin

Problem 1: pale

The main reason for pale is kidney deficiency leading to blood circulation problems. Whitening is not equal to pallor! However, many girls appear pale, tired or even sick because of anemia, mental stress or physiological period. How can ability make skin restore the ruddy luster like little girl?

If the reason for pale skin is anemia, it is suggested to start from diet therapy, spinach, pig liver, etc. have blood tonic effect. Similarly, excessive fatigue and heavy pressure will also make the skin pale. This is because the flow rate of skin blood slows down and limits the number of red blood cells. In order to make the skin ruddy again, we must promote blood circulation through adequate sleep, proper exercise and diet. In addition, you can also choose to improve microcirculation care products, promote the improvement of skin color, if combined with massage, you can improve the skin temperature at the same time, make nutrients absorbed by the skin faster.

Food therapy countermeasure: spinach and pig liver soup making method: fresh spinach 200-300g, pig liver 150g. Wash the spinach, cut into sections, slice the pig liver, boil the water in the pot, add shredded ginger and a small amount of salt, then add the pig liver and spinach, boil the water, then the liver is cooked, drink the soup and eat the liver and vegetables. It can be served with a meal.

Problem 2: dark yellow complexion

Yellow skin has its roots. Some are caused by bad living habits, some may be organic problems. According to clinical research, 80% of skin problems are related to liver, spleen and kidney dysfunction. For example, the liver directly affects the blood vessels, the hyperactivity of liver fire or stagnation of liver qi can easily lead to the obstruction of Qi and blood, affect the blood circulation of the face, and the skin is naturally dull; the spleen governs digestion and absorption. If the spleen is deficient, the absorption of nutrients in food and the transformation of energy will be affected. In ancient medicine, the term "kidney dominates black" means that kidney deficiency causes skin color to turn black and yellow.

Dietotherapy countermeasures: Stewed cabbage with chestnuts: 200g raw chestnuts, shelled, cut in half, simmer with duck soup until well done, then add 200g cabbage strips, a little salt and monosodium glutamate, thicken the cabbage after cooked. Duck nourishes Yin and deficiency, chestnut invigorates spleen and kidney, cabbage nourishes Yin and moistens dryness.

Problem 3: dry face

Dry skin, even if white is unhealthy, and dry skin is freckles, black spots of the high-risk population, inadvertently, you will find that the spots have sprung up on the face. So at this time, you must take moisturizing as the first priority, with sufficient moisture to normalize the natural metabolism of the skin, so as not to produce the problem of pigmentation. Beauty is more important is oral, followed by external application. So dietotherapy is very important, choose water and fruit, can effectively help you improve face problems.

Dietotherapy countermeasures: drink enough water every day, at least to drink 2000ml, of course, if you can drink more, choose the increasing way better. In addition to drinking water, fruit should not forget to eat more! With the moisturizing and moisturizing products with high moisturizing effect, it can directly help the skin retain moisture, and at the same time add a little whitening essence or Whitening Night Cream at night, so that the skin can absorb nutrients fully and get up every other day.

Question 4: wrinkles

Wrinkles are a symbol of aging skin. Some foods are rich in some special ingredients, some of which can delay the aging process of the skin, some can strengthen the elastic fiber composition, thus helping to reduce wrinkles.

Eat more food rich in chondroitin: human skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and dermis is the main factor affecting the appearance of skin. The dermis is composed of elastic fibers, and chondroitin is an important material of elastic fibers. Therefore, eating more chondroitin rich pig bone soup, cow bone soup, chicken bone soup, chicken skin, shark fin, salmon and so on can help delay the generation of wrinkles and make skin elastic and delicate.

Eat more nucleic acid rich food: nucleic acid plays an important role in protein synthesis, can delay skin aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles. With the growth of age, the body's ability to synthesize nucleic acids gradually decreases, so it depends on the intake from food. The food rich in nucleic acid, oyster, honey, oyster, oyster, fish liver, etc.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and trace elements zinc, selenium: these nutrients are antioxidants, can effectively prevent subcutaneous fat oxidation, delay skin aging. Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium are mainly vegetable oils, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as fish, shellfish, eggs and nuts.

Eat rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and trace elements iron, copper food: this kind of nutrients and hematopoiesis, if the lack of skin can lead to dry, rough, and even cracks, and due to ischemia can not get enough nutrition, and then make the skin premature aging and wrinkles. In order to prevent this kind of nutrient deficiency, people should eat more carrot, rape, pumpkin, corn, sweet potato, oyster, clam, clam, pig blood, milk, fish oil, etc. to enhance skin flexibility.

Eat foods rich in high-quality protein: collagen in protein can make cells plump, so that the skin is full and wrinkles are reduced. Elastin can make the skin smooth and elastic. Foods rich in high-quality protein mainly include milk, eggs, pig skin, pig feet, chicken feet, etc. eating more properly can help maintain the normal function of skin and prevent dryness and roughness.

Appropriate supplement of water: water is the source of life and beauty. If the human body does not get enough water, the skin will become dry due to lack of water, and the secretion of sebaceous glands will decrease, which will make the skin rough, and then accelerate the aging of the skin and promote the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, people need to supplement 2000 ml of water every day in their daily life, especially after strenuous exercise or labor. In summer and winter, they need to drink more water to maintain skin elasticity.

Question 5: freckles

Freckles are the 'face problem' that every woman is afraid of, but they easily appear in spring. Endocrine disorders, sunlight and even vegetables are latent culprits. The hidden trouble of causing spots in daily life, including ultraviolet rays and inferior cosmetics, can promote the decomposition of melanocytes under the skin tissue and accumulate melanin. Inflammation, nutrient deficiency and mood fluctuation in the body lead to freckles. Celery, chrysanthemum and other dark green leafy vegetables are sensitive food, eating too much will also lead to the accumulation of UV absorbing substances in the body, greatly increasing the probability of freckles.

Melanin is the pigment that makes the skin produce color. It is the granulation in the basal layer. Melanin acts as a filter on the skin, protecting the skin and body from ultraviolet radiation. It is because of external and internal factors that melanin cells are metabolized disorderly and accumulated in the epidermis, resulting in uneven distribution of pigment.

Freckles are caused by the pigment in the inner layer of the skin, which is difficult to remove once formed. So before the arrival of the sunny summer, you should take good care of your face skin, don't let the sun exposure. In addition, the face also regularly rub nutrition skin cream to prevent dry skin. Usually to add enough vitamin C, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and honey is also essential.