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Thoughts on reading one thousand and one nights

I recently read a book, Arabian Nights, which has benefited me all my life. Diary diary

"One thousand and one nights" tells about a long time ago, there was a king who asked his prime minister to find a beautiful woman for him every day and killed her the next day. So the local people sent their daughter to other places, until one day he could never find a girl again. At this time, his daughter saw his father's heart and said: 'dad, let me go, I will overcome the difficulties. 'My father didn't agree at first, but he reluctantly agreed with my daughter's repeated requests. So the girl told the king a story for one night, but the next day the girl always said: 'King, I forgot something. Let me go back and think about it. 'the king let him go every day. After one thousand and one nights, the king was moved by the girl and didn't do anything wrong.

Reading "one thousand and one nights" let me understand: knowledge and wisdom can overcome all difficulties.

Fifth grade: Reflections on Zhong Zhaoxiong's one thousand and one nights_ Reflections on the 900 character "one thousand and one nights"

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This winter vacation, I read a very good book, this book is called "one thousand and one nights". "One thousand and one nights" is an old book, which tells many old and soul stirring stories. It is said that there was a king who wanted a woman to accompany him every day, but killed her the next day. A girl wanted to stop her from doing this, so she married the king. So she told the king a story every day. Every time she wanted to kill her, she told the best part. The king had to stop killing her for the time being. She kept talking until one thousand and one nights, and finally made the king change his mind.

In fact, these stories are all condensed by the people of the Arab nation with wisdom and talent, and the content of this page is pushed for you by "Sihai reading network". Some of them are already well known, such as "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves", "magic lamp", "the adventures of Sinbad" & hellip; & hellip; and so on.

They are full of twists and turns, vivid and imaginative. Most of the stories are moving. "The adventures of Sinbad" is about a businessman who went to sea seven times. Every time he went to sea, he encountered all kinds of hardships, but he overcame them one by one and finally became a rich man. "The magic lamp" says that a loafer child gets the magic lamp with the help of the evil wizard. So he used the magic power of the lamp and his wisdom to make his family rich, married a princess, killed the wizard who stole the lamp and his brother who wanted to revenge for the wizard, and finally became the king. However, what impresses me most is the story of three sisters, which tells the story of three poor sisters. When talking about their wishes, the three sisters said that they wanted to marry the king's Baker, the cook and the king himself. It happened that the king passed by and realized their wish immediately. The two elder sisters were very jealous that they had become the Queen's younger sister, so they floated the two princes and a princess she gave birth to in bamboo baskets, and said that the queen gave birth to a dog, a cat and a piece of wood. The king was very angry and imprisoned the queen. The three children were picked up by the garden manager and brought up, but the garden manager died early. The three children live in his house. Once upon a time, the princess learned that there were three treasures in their yard, which could not be compared with each other. As a result, the two princes went to find the treasure one after another, and they turned into black stones on the way. So, the princess went out in person, went through all kinds of hardships, and finally found the baby, and saved the two brothers. After returning home, the bird with its intelligence made the king understand that he had wronged the queen, recognized the child and reunited the family. In the story, the two sisters' behaviors made me hate, the queen made me sympathize, and the feelings between the two princes and princesses moved me. I admired the princess's perseverance and courage.

There are many such stories in Arabian Nights, which are worthy of being the treasures of Arabic classical literature and the brilliant treasures of world literature.

Sixth grade: Jan Manqi, one thousand and one nights_ One thousand and one nights is a shining pearl in the treasure house of world literature. It is also a good book with a strong flavor of life and distinctive national characteristics. It is a book full of wisdom and beauty. This famous book is rich in content and the plot is tortuous and bizarre. It shows the characteristics of good, evil, ugliness and beauty among people. It tells beautiful, tortuous and moving stories in the Arab world. These stories are condensed by the wisdom and talent of the Arab nation. Many of the stories in the book have become household names, such as Alibaba and the forty thieves, magic lamp, Sinbad's adventures, etc.

They are full of twists and turns, rich in imagination, and most of them are moving. The adventures of Sinbad tells the story of a businessman who went to sea seven times. Every time he went to sea, he encountered all kinds of hardships. He overcame these difficulties one by one and finally became a rich man. However, in the case of child prodigy's intelligent trial of funds, a child prodigy tried a case that even a smart judge could not, which tells us that we can't ignore the details.

However, I am most impressed by Alibaba and the forty thieves, which tells the story of a young man named Alibaba. Once, when he went to the mountain to cut firewood, he found the treasure cave of the forty thieves by accident. Knowing the secret, he stole it by force and went home with three bags of gold. But because of his brother's greed, he not only lost his life, but also exposed Alibaba. The robbers searched everywhere for Ali Baba and vowed revenge.

One day, Ali Baba's nephew, who didn't know the inside story, took the robber leader dressed as a businessman to his home. However, the robber leader was found by her clever and careful daughter. She killed the robber leader while dancing.

Later, Alibaba came to the cave where the treasure was hidden, took out the gold coins and gave them to the poor.

In the story, Alibaba is simple and kind, loving the poor and not greedy for money; maljina is extremely intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful and brave, and I admire her very much.

There are many stories in the book. The story of the merchant and the devil makes me understand that when I encounter difficulties, I have to use my brain frequently and have the courage to overcome them. "Hashib and the snake Queen" let me understand that people should be honest, not to break faith in others. "Aladdin lamp" story let me understand that a man must be kind.

The fairy tales in this book let me understand: be honest, don't take advantage of others, you should strive for it yourself, and also understand that when you encounter problems, don't be nervous and afraid, as long as you work hard, there are solutions to any difficulties.

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