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I want to be a good child after reading

Today, I read "I want to be a good child" written by Huang Beijia. Jinling, a sixth grade student of Wen primary and secondary school, is a smart, kind and upright girl with medium academic performance. In order to be a "good child" satisfied by both parents and teachers, she made all kinds of efforts and made a lot of "struggles" with parents and teachers to keep her innocence and purity. Finally, she and her classmates entered the entrance examination room with full confidence. Diary Diary of grade six

After watching it, I couldn't calm down for a long time. Now teachers and parents always put pressure on us to apply for such and such tutorial classes, and also say that it is to let us develop in an all-round way. But do they know that it will bring down our health, and there should be proper rest in the intense study, otherwise it will be counterproductive. It is also said on TV that children learn more when they play than they learn from books. What's more, if a person doesn't like to learn Chinese, why do he have to learn it? He can learn some subjects he is interested in, which will get twice the result with half the effort.

Childhood is short, if you don't play at this time, when you grow up, your memory will be blank. I am the master of my childhood. Why do I have to let adults deprive me of learning?

Jinling is often criticized by teachers and parents because of her poor grades. I think grades are not the standard to measure a student. Ability is the most important thing. Blindly pursuing grades will only lead to loss of learning goals and reduce interest in learning.

Fourth grade of No.1 Primary School in Alxa Right Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia_ Thoughts on reading the inspiration of fishing_ 350 words open the language book, a text came into my eyes, that is "fishing inspiration". It mainly tells a touching story. From his own growth experience, the author deeply realizes the truth that "if you receive such strict education as putting the big bass back into the lake, you will get the courage and strength of moral practice.".

There is a fragment like this in the article: 'I looked up and looked around. The content of this page was pushed by "Sihai reading network". It is quiet everywhere. In the bright moonlight, I can't see other people's shadows and boats. I once again turn my begging eyes to my father.' from here, we can see that even if my son takes the fish home, no one knows, but my father still abides by the rules and lets the fish go Go back, highlighted father's resolute attitude on moral choice!

There is another passage that I still remember. It is the one that my son sighed. From it, we can see that his father's behavior that night gave his son the courage and strength of moral practice and a spiritual wealth that can't be exchanged with money!

In life, few people follow the rules like this. For example, some people run the red light when they drive through the traffic lights! There are also people at school, to see around the week is not on duty, playing in the corridor, or standing on the fence next to the window looking down. Behavior like this is against the rules! It's all dangerous! We should also be able to withstand the temptation and not be connived at by money, status, influence, fame and fortune, or something that is good for us! Finally, I want to say to you: however, we start from childhood, to be a person who abides by the rules and is not tempted!

Sixth grade of primary school affiliated to anci District, Langfang, Hebei_ 350 words today I read the book learning from Lei Feng to be a moral person. I read it with tears and emotion, because Lei Feng is an ordinary person, but he has done a lot of extraordinary things, which not only moved me, but also reminded me of what I have done. For example, Lei Feng never forgets to be thrifty and mends the socks he wears. I don't know how many times he mends them, but Lei Feng still refuses to throw them away. The washbasin and mouthwash jar he used had been used for many years, and the porcelain on it had disappeared. He was not willing to buy a new one. Lei Feng is just like this, accumulating wealth bit by bit for the country and the collective, taking diligence and thrift as the criterion. Take a look at Lei Feng, and think about our happy life of warm clothes and full food. We have forgotten the good quality of diligence and thrift.

Lei Feng cherishes his time. Even before watching a movie, Lei Feng has to read a book. He doesn't miss any time. One of the children asked Uncle Lei Feng: 'you're still reading in such a short time! Lei Feng said: 'is it short? I've read three or four pages. Although the time is short, you can count every page. A little makes a lot! If you don't hurry up, you can't! Time is like running water. It can't be let go in vain. 'the little boy bowed his head in shame. Lei Feng is such a person who loves to learn and wastes every minute. Look at Lei Feng and think about us now! Sitting in a spacious and bright classroom learning, there is such a superior environment, and not good learning department blush?

Fifth grade: Cheng QIANZI