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Reading for a minute

Today, I read the story of one minute and understood the value of one minute and the need to cherish every minute. Diary 100 words

It is said in the story that the famous Benjamin received a call from a young man for advice, and the two sides agreed that the content of this page should be read by "read. 4" ”When the young man arrived, Benjamin's room was in a mess. He said: 'my room is in a mess. Please wait outside for a minute and I'll clean it up. 'then he quickly tidied up the room. In less than a minute, Benjamin had his room in order, with two glasses of red wine. But before the young man asked Benjamin a question, Benjamin said: 'you can go. 'the young man said: 'I haven't asked for your advice. "Isn't that enough? 'Benjamin said,' you've been in for another minute. 'the young man suddenly realized that he was grateful to Benjamin and left happily.

This story tells us that as long as we grasp every minute of life, we will grasp the ideal life. So we should cherish time. Time is wealth. When I think of the fact that laser can travel 18000 miles a minute, what a huge amount of data it is. I think: so many things can be done in one minute, and how much wealth can be created for the country! Time is life. When doctors are rescuing dying patients, they always race against the clock to take back life from death. Time is knowledge. Newton, the great scientist, seized the time when he was a child.

In the past, I didn't care about a minute at all. I don't know how many minutes I wasted. Now, I cherish my time. I seize every minute every day. Even when defecating, they are holding a book, while going to the toilet, while reading, not let a minute slip away from the side.

'an inch of time is an inch of gold, an inch of gold can't buy an inch of time' we must cherish time!

Fifth grade: emerald green heart, feeling after reading the last battle elephant_ 400 words today, I read "the last battle elephant" in the Chinese book and was deeply moved.

Elephants in Xishuangbanna can be used to fight. In a bloody battle, more than 80 elephants fell to the ground. When the elephant was buried, it was found that an elephant was still alive, so it was transported back to the stockade. Many years later, the elephant was no longer able to go. It put on its saddle and went to the elephant grave. The author quietly followed him. Unexpectedly, he kisses and kisses again on the river where he once fought, and kisses and kisses again on the big turtle stone. It didn't go to the elephant grave. It went to the place where more than 80 war elephants were buried and lay with its comrades in arms.

Don't you think it's very touching after reading it? No matter how others feel, my tears kept rolling in my eyes. I was deeply moved, especially in the last sentence: 'it didn't go to the elephant tomb left by its ancestors. It lay with the comrades who had fought side by side. 'that's very touching! The elephant had such inspiration. It might have felt how brave it was to fight with its companions at that time. It was lucky to be saved. Otherwise, it would have died. However, the companion died, and it was lucky to be saved. It now recalled the cruel struggle; it might also feel that it was necessary to keep company with its companions and not let them miss it. We can't see it in our heart. But we can realize his eternal friendship with his companions. At this time, pain, pity, admiration, moving and other complex and messy feelings intertwined together, I have an indescribable taste. The true feelings of the elephant reverberated in my mind. Why is elephant friendship more touching than human friendship? Why is their friendship so powerful?

Elephant, their friendship has such power; elephant, what I never thought, is that their love is more real and lasting than human love.

Sixth grade: Cui Yunyi's feeling after reading Zhan Tianyou_ Perseverance is half of success_ Recently, we learned the text Zhan Tianyou. It mainly tells that Zhan Tianyou, under the ridicule of the imperialists and under great pressure, resolutely accepted the task. He was not afraid of difficulties, persevered, and finally got a reward: the construction of the Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway was successful. This is the 'first' railway trunk line designed and constructed entirely by Chinese engineers and technicians.

We can imagine what a difficult task it is. But Zhan Tianyou did. I think he can win honor and breath for his motherland because of his perseverance. In fact, his perseverance has made him half the success.

This reminds me of a successful example around me

My friend asked me to learn bicycle. I didn't think she was very serious. Every morning when I get up, I can see her practicing. She often falls down and scrapes her knees, but she always smiles: 'it's OK. 'I feel sad when I look at it. My aunt helped her to apply medicine and poured cold water on her. In fact, she wanted to inspire her. As expected, this move was really useful. My friend works harder to prove to my aunt that she can do it. It turns out, yes, she did. My aunt and I are very happy for her and let our friends take us around. A friend can succeed because of her perseverance.

Zhan Tianyou's persevering spirit brought the achievement of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway, and his friends' persevering spirit brought the ability to learn how to ride a bicycle. Believe it, persistence is half of success! Let's learn this fine spirit together. I believe we will succeed!

Sixth grade: Momo pig