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800 words after reading the diary of little boy

Many people hate reading books. They think the words in the books are too complicated and boring to read. They are not interested in reading deeply. But there is such a book, even people who hate reading the most, can't help but open it and read it well. This interesting and interesting book is the diary of a little boy.

This book is the diary of gray, an American high school student. His diary is different from the one I wrote. Every diary is accompanied with comics. He was worried about his small size and always worried that he would be bullied by his classmates, but on the other hand, he was complacent that his brain was more intelligent than others. He liked to play video games, but his father often drove him out of the house to let him have more activities. In the end, he went to his friend's house to continue playing games, and then used other people's spray on his way home However, there is still a mountain high. No matter how clever gray is, he is defeated by his brother Roderick at home, and his younger brother who is in kindergarten can bully him. No matter how mischievous he is, his parents always protect him, which often makes gray mad but helpless;

Gray can be said to be a real representative of children, he has all the qualities that children should have, naughty, smart, honest, kind, brave, naive, funny, narcissistic. His grades are not good and he doesn't like to study. In the eyes of adults, he is not a 'good boy', but these shortcomings make countless people fall in love with this' bad boy '. Today's children have basically lost their due qualities. They have learned many talents under the strict education of their parents. They are "geniuses" in the eyes of the public, but they have lost the most precious thing in their children's lives - children's interest. Too much pressure makes them mature too early to enjoy the happiness of childhood and face this cruel society too early. Let's take Lang Lang as an example. His father forced him to learn piano since he was a child. When he couldn't do it well, he had to fight. Lang Lang's hands were often blue and purple. Under his father's compulsory study, he has become the most famous and influential pianist in our country, but he has not realized the happiness of childhood. His childhood can be said to be a haze, and there is nothing to miss except the piano. So who says' bad boy 'is not as good as' good boy'.

Because of this, we should start to write a diary from today. In fact, diary is not a boring thing. The key is how you look at it. If you record every bit of your children's life in your diary, when you grow up, you will find how wonderful your children's time is. How interesting things were when I was a child. So I will be glad that I have recorded these things that are worthy of recollection and aftertaste. I feel that my childhood has not been wasted. How lucky I am! It's meaningful to keep a diary every day, even if it's just painting a picture. As time goes on, you will find the happiness of keeping a diary.

Childhood is the most precious time in one's life. It has only 10 years in one's life. Therefore, please cherish your childhood and don't let it go in vain. Feeling after reading the diary of little boy_ As the saying goes: 'books are the ladder of human progress. 'today, I pulled out a book from the shelf. It's called the diary of a little boy. This book is half Chinese and half English. What's more, this book is equipped with exquisite illustrations, which will never give you a headache when you see large pages of text. When I first got the book, it was like a magnet that caught my eye, so I couldn't wait to read it. Up to now, I have collected the first six volumes of the diary of the little boy. Although this book has been read by me countless times, but I always read it with relish, not tired.

This book is the diary of gray, an American high school boy. He keeps a diary at the request of his mother. Gray is a cunning, witty, narcissistic, timid and showy boy, which is not in line with people's hearts' good boy ', but this boy with many shortcomings makes countless people like him! Gray once fantasized that when he became famous, he would use his diary to deal with the swarming reporters. He liked playing video games, but his father drove him out to exercise. As a result, he went to his friend's house to play games. When he came home, he wet his body with someone else's sprinkler and dressed up in a sweat. He was jealous that his good friend got the girl's care after he was injured, so he deliberately wrapped his palm with bandages Those who are strict and pretend to be wounded, on the contrary, attract girls' disgust & hellip; & hellip;

In the process of reading this book, I always laugh, thinking that Gray's brain full of ghost ideas, really make people laugh. Looking back on the past years, my memory slowly opened and folded into a series of beautiful stories. In the story, I thought of a prank in my fifth grade

It was April 1, April Fool's day. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time. Because the night before last, I had planned the whole plan for today. So I picked up my schoolbag and even ignored the meal. Like an arrow, I ran to school & hellip; & hellip;

'ding Ling Ling & hellip; 'after class, I listened attentively, but I thought:' hey hey, someone will feel better later! 'at this time, the teacher called Xiaoxin, who was sitting in front of me, to read the text. I was so excited, because I've been waiting for this moment! I saw Xiaoxin stand up and read the long text seriously. I thought: 'we have to start quickly! 'so I pretended to be intoxicated with the music in the upper part of my body, but my lower part was making small movements: gently hook the chair to the back of Xiaoxin's buttocks with my toes. I operate carefully, for fear of making a little noise, my heart like a rabbit in the thumping.

Ha, finally, before Xiaoxin finished reading the text, I successfully implemented my plan. I breathed a long sigh of relief and was secretly happy: "the good play is about to start! As expected, Xiao Xin's buttocks and the floor gave a deep kiss. My heart was blooming, but I was so happy that I was left behind after school to receive moral education for half a century.

I often think, why on April Fool's day, I played a joke with my classmates and sincerely apologized to him afterwards, this storm will still subside, why don't we children solve the problems between children? I understand that in the eyes of adults, children who are labeled as "good children" can't make any mistakes: for example, they forget to bring their homework; they almost get 100 points in the exam & hellip; & hellip; and so on. The most normal mistakes these children will make are big mistakes for "good children"! At this time, the teacher will ask you: 'why didn't you bring your homework? You shouldn't have made such a mistake, should you? 'parents will ask you:' how can others get 100 points in the exam, but you can't? Didn't you take the time to read? Did you steal again? 'although this is a painstaking effort of adults in the adult world, but & hellip; & hellip;

In the diary of a little kid, I deeply feel that childhood is so carefree, happy, pure and beautiful & hellip; & hellip; I believe that after reading the diary of a little kid, you can not only learn English easily and laugh, but also recall many good memories & hellip; & hellip;

Thoughts on the sixth reading of "Diary of a little child" in Jiaoling County People's primary school of Meizhou City_ A cunning, witty, narcissistic, timid, showy and lazy boy is not in line with the image of a good child in the hearts of the people. It's strange that I can't help liking this boy with many shortcomings. He is gray.

Gray started his summer vacation. Don't think his summer vacation will be easy and happy. In fact, his whole vacation was ruined by the swimming team. He also cleverly directed a farce that regards his classmate zilag as an invisible man. He thought that he could steal Gingerbread every day without being aware of it. Finally, before Christmas, the east window incident happened, and he paid a huge price & hellip; & hellip;

Why can an ordinary little boy make so many people laugh? Maybe every little kid has such a time in his heart. Every day he has a little trouble. How can he do so much homework? To the exam, no review how to do? But most of the time, I was taught by my mother because of mischief & hellip; & hellip;

It's also hilarious to recall what happened in my childhood. I still remember when I was in the first grade of primary school, I hid my wet pants in my mother's drawer for fear that my mother would find me peeing. When my mother opened the drawer to take things, a pungent smell floated out, so I suffered another 'beating'. There are so many interesting things like that. My childhood was just like gray's, and every day was wonderful.

I believe that all children are the same. They have colorful childhood and have a wonderful life every day. I'll keep my time as a little kid in my heart. I'll take it out once in a while and enjoy it!

Five interesting childhood stories of Tangdong primary school in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong_ Feeling after reading the diary of little boy_ 400 words today, I read the diary of a little boy, because the story is very interesting, so I like this book very much.

This book is mainly about the diary of an American high school boy. He worries about his small size and always worries about being bullied by his classmates, which is a small inferiority complex in his heart. But on the other hand, he was complacent that his brain was more clever than others. He laughed at his classmates for being stupid and always wanted to be opportunistic and lazy. This book is very interesting and suitable for me to read.

I like gray, the protagonist of this book. He is very similar to me. He is often bullied by his brothers and sisters at home. Moreover, his cunning, witty, narcissistic, timid, showy and lazy shortcomings make me like him. But I hate his brother, Roderick. He often bullies gray and threatens him with his embarrassment. Even so, the band he organized still makes people laugh. Fortunately, I don't have a brother like him.

Everyone has experienced the age of 'little boy', and my childhood is also wonderful. I remember when I was very young, once, while my father was not paying attention, I secretly took my father's cigarette and put it in my mouth. I was choked to death by the pungent smell of smoke before I took two mouthfuls. Later, my father found out that it was necessary to teach me a lesson. I still remember it very much.

Everyone's childhood is beautiful, wonderful and interesting. Let's continue to create more wonderful 'miracles' in the future with this wonderful memory of childhood! Feeling after reading "tiger's butt can be touched" (467 words)_ 350 words today, I read "tiger's buttocks can be touched", quite feeling.

Tiger - as the king of the forest, because we humans do not care for the environment, so that a large number of herbivores extinct. Just tigers