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The romance of the Three Kingdoms

Grade three in Nanming District, Guiyang, Guizhou_ 650 words three Gu frequency trouble world plan, two dynasties Kaiji old minister heart. He who dies before he gets out of the army makes the hero cry. --Inscription

"The Yangtze River flows eastward, and the waves wash away. The content of this page is pushed by" ". Success or failure turn head empty, Castle Peak is still in, several sunset red. "With this familiar melody, I revisit the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the peak of novels in the Qing Dynasty. Liu Bei, who was eager to revive the Han Dynasty, Zhuge Liang, who knew astronomy and geography, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu, who were brave and good at fighting, and Cao Cao, who took advantage of the emperor to make the princes come alive. With this book, I went into the turbulent period of the Three Kingdoms in history. I went to the battlefield where Ma Ge shrouded his body, witnessed the well thought out stratagem, and at the same time, I felt the eternal friendship, that is, Zhuge Liang's loyalty to Liu Bei.

He is Zhuge Liang, a hermit indifferent to fame and wealth, a resourceful wise man, and a loyal military strategist. If Zhuge Liang is an unknown Qianli horse, then Liu Bei is the bole who discovered Qianli horse. In order to repay Liu Bei's three visits to Maolu, he worked for Liu Bei for 20 years. Burning Xinye, using water in Baihe, borrowing arrows from grass boat, capturing Menghuo seven times, empty city plan, now savoring these well-known stories, you can feel not only Zhuge Liang's extraordinary wisdom, but also Zhuge Liang's loyalty to Liu Bei. His loyalty is not only reflected in the brilliant time of Liu Bei's reign, but also after Liu Beixian's death.

"The common people were exhausted and dull, and they fought off the evil and the evil. They revived the Han Dynasty and returned it to the old capital. Therefore, he was loyal to his majesty. Zhuge Liang accepted Liu Bei's final entrustment. On his deathbed, Liu Bei admonished Liu Chan: "if you work with the prime minister, you are like your father. And told Zhuge Liang: 'if Liu Chan can't, you can take his place. However, Zhuge Liang had no intention of usurping power, and he still tried his best to assist Liu Chan, even though Liu Chan was a Dou who could not be helped. In order to fulfill Liu Bei's last wish, Zhuge Liang went to the army many times in person, never complaining, just to repay Liu Bei's excavation many years ago.

Zhuge Liang, who shakes his feather fan, will always be the hero I admire most, not only because of his wisdom of knowing three parts of the world before he leaves the cottage, but also because of his loyalty to Liu Bei.

Senior one: Li Huiling's Thoughts on reading the romance of the Three Kingdoms_ 600 words this summer vacation, I borrowed a book accompanying my childhood in the Library - Romance of the Three Kingdoms! This book tells the story of the war among Wei, Shu and Wu in the Three Kingdoms period, and finally the state of Jin captured the world. All the characters in this book are heroes, but only a few of them make me feel deeply.

First, Zhuge Liang. He used to be a hermit in the mountains. Later, after Liu Bei's sincere invitation, he came out of the mountains to serve as Liu Bei's military adviser. After he came out of the mountain, he always gave advice to Liu Bei. Every classic battle of Shu Kingdom was successful only under his command, such as borrowing arrows from grass boats, burning Chibi, empty city planning, etc. And he knew astronomy and geography, and he was very loyal. He bowed and died. Because of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei became the king of Shu from an unknown person, competing with the other two countries for the world!

The second is Zhao Yun. In order to keep Liu Bei's family safe, Cao Cao led a million troops to attack him. He did not hesitate to use his powerful weapon to kill several generals and dozens of soldiers of Cao's army. Cao Cao could not help but praise him and say: Zhao Yun is irresistible! Zhao Yun's spirit of bravery and loyalty to the Lord has always been engraved in my heart. I thought: when Liu Bei had such a good general, why couldn't he win the world?

The third is Liu Bei. He can see his love and righteousness from the three marriages in Taoyuan at that time. In the later battles, he can see that he is full of love. In that year, Cao Cao beat him and abandoned the city. On the way to escape, he also cared about the common people and asked them to go with him. It's his character that leads him to treat others with benevolence and righteousness in the future and achieve hegemony! Liu Bei has one shortcoming, which is his strong point. When Guan Yu was killed by the east Wu, he was so sad that he didn't listen to the advice. As a result, he was burned by fire when he attacked the east Wu. The strength of the West Shu declined greatly, which made the future Northern Expedition unsuccessful!

There was another man, Liu Adou. Because he was a despairing emperor, Zhuge Liang's northern expedition was repeatedly hindered. After Zhuge Liang's death, he indulged in wine and sex, spoiled eunuchs, and went back to the old way of Pingdi in the Eastern Han Dynasty, which eventually led to the destruction of Shu in the hands of Jin. I think if Liu Bei died a little later that year and established his second son as emperor, I'm afraid the Han Dynasty would be revived, The world will fall into the hands of Hanshi again!

Rereading this book during the summer vacation made me understand a lot: Liu Bei made me understand that we should be kind and righteous to people, Zhao Yun made me understand that we should be loyal to people, as long as we learn from each other's strong points and make up for each other's weak points, we can be fearless and overcome all obstacles!

Grade 6, waima No.2 primary school, Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province: zxc2356