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The story of touching childlike heart after reading 550 words

Just as Carnegie, an American educator, said: "always remember that your heart is the treasure of your life, and you should constantly tap it. "There are more than 200 touching stories in the heart of a child. As long as the heart can fly at this moment, it can fly freely in the blue sky.

This book tells us that honesty is the cornerstone of the whole social relationship. To be a man in advance is the most precious thing. Honesty represents a person's personality. If there is a problem with personality, even those who have more status will be despised because they are suspected.

"Love produces love, hate produces hate". People who know how to treat those who hate themselves with a tolerant heart and even help others get rid of danger are noble people.

Don't let some meaningless little things become mud spots that pollute your heart. It's just the so-called "big things turn into small things, small things turn into small things.". Smile and tolerance are the best ways to solve problems. When we learn to be tolerant, you will feel that your heart is free to soar in the sky like wings. If you don't have a tolerant heart and lose your temper all day, then it is also a kind of pain in body and mind. Instead of living in the shadow of pain, it's better to be tolerant of others. If you are tolerant of others, you will feel happy and relaxed. Because of this, tolerance is so thrilling.

To be a hardworking person, the first kiss of sunshine every day must fall on the hardworking person's cheek.

A person who is good at integrating time and persevering will be closer to success.

If you have a dream, it's possible. Because people will make great efforts to realize their dreams. Set up a dream in the heart, pursue it unremittingly, life will shine moving brilliance.

In the long road of life, it is often easier to win a way out only if there is no way out.

Self esteem, self-confidence, perseverance and courage are the life swords that help us break through the cocoon of destiny and turn from pupa to butterfly.

When we overcome ourselves in the most difficult time, we can withstand the external pressure and achieve ourselves.

Falling petals melt in the memory, we are so moved. Love is beautiful_ Feeling after reading 101 Stories touching children's heart_ The sky is blue because of sunshine, the earth is green because of spring rain, the sea is wide because of wind, and the world is beautiful because of love! Whenever I think of this sentence, I think of my favorite book, 101 stories that touch children's hearts.

As the saying goes: moved, is a key to open the inner treasure house, is the vitamin of children's growth. The theme of this book is "moving". Through 101 Stories close to children's life, it guides us to find the moving things, so that we can be infected, experience with heart, be kind to nature, be kind to others, be kind to ourselves, be grateful and know how to repay. It is a set of gift books given by parents to their children, a necessary book for mother and son to read together.

In this book, one of my most impressive stories - "I am a happy girl": a girl was ill, and the doctor told her that he had only more than 100 days left. The little girl's mother wants to take her to her favorite seaside city. And the little girl shook her head: 'Mom, I have too many wishes. The sea is just a thing I yearn for. You can satisfy one of my wishes, but not all of them. 'a few days later, the little girl went to the nursing home. Every day, he sprinkles happy laughter all over these old people's rooms. Every grandparent in the nursing home is happy with the arrival of the little girl. No one knew that the little girl was terminally ill. One morning, the little girl died quietly. Before she died, she said to her mother: 'Mom, I'm very happy. Since I have to die, in such a short time, I can only find a happy and happy end of life. I found it, so I am a happy girl. '

After reading this book, I can't help thinking of what is happiness? Happiness is the sweetness of candy, intoxicating; happiness is the fragrance of orchids, refreshing; happiness is the wind facing, can blow leaves, can also blow away gravel, can blow a ripple in the vast sea, can also blow away the unpleasant feeling in the heart. Originally, happiness can be very simple & hellip; & hellip; yes, small happiness is so simple. In the morning, I open my eyes and see the sunshine all over the room, sniffing the sunshine and the taste of the morning; in the sunny morning, I sit on the open balcony with my favorite book, enjoying the wind and the words; in the afternoon with light rain, I walk quietly in the rain, watching the grass dancing in the rain, listening to the sound of the rain dripping on the world; in the evening with bright lights, I am idle Walking on the road, listening to a familiar old song, stop, let the memory gradually clear in my mind; starry night, sitting next to the field, watching the stars blink, watching fireflies fly, watching the distant neon twinkle; this is also a kind of happiness. However, the most happiness is to pay! Because giving itself is a process of constantly creating one joy after another: giving time, you can harvest hope; giving labor, you can harvest fruit; giving sincerity, you can harvest true feelings; giving love, you can harvest the whole world!

'every drop of water, thrown into the universe, will reflect the light of the sun; every flower, embracing the rain and dew, will bloom charming spring light; every heart, facing the sun, will have nowhere to hide its shadow. 'This book has been growing up with me, inspiring me and benefiting me all my life!

The educational story of a primary six in Lingbao City, Sanmenxia, Henan Province_ This morning, I woke up and stood in front of the mirror with a red face and messy hair. I thought: 'if my mother saw me now, she would call me a big lazy. So I quickly went to the pool, washed my face clean, wet my hair with water, and combed it black and shiny. Then quietly went to the bedside, patted the bed board, woke up the sleeping mother. When my mother saw that I was dressed up and wanted to praise me, she heard the sound of 'Hua la'. My mother knew that I had forgotten to turn off the tap, so she got out of bed to turn off the tap, and said something to me: "we should save every drop of water. Your school is carrying out eight honors and eight disgraces activities. One of them is to be proud of saving water and ashamed of wasting water. Although we live by the Yangtze River and don't worry about water, there are many places in China where there is no water and the water source is very scarce. Therefore, everyone of us should pay attention to saving water. 'these short words shocked my heart. I blushed and bowed my head. I laughed awkwardly. I thought: 'I really shouldn't waste water. I'll pay attention next time'.

Mother's words touched my heart, we should cherish the hard won water. Mom, you care not only about me, but also about the country. You are a great mom. 100 stories touching primary school students_ 350 words after reading "100 stories touching primary school students", let me understand: what makes us moved is not the earth shaking love, more, maybe the trivial and ordinary details of life. Moving doesn't need to move with vigour and vitality. It only needs a heart full of love.

One of the most impressive stories in this book is "shocking family love", which mainly tells the content of one page. The huge debris flow pushed by "Sihai reading network" engulfed the sleeping small mountain village. When the rescue workers arrived, the small mountain village had been razed to the ground, and almost no one in the village survived. Only in the end, a little girl was accidentally found alive. The reason for the girl's survival is moving to tears. It turns out that she survived only by standing on the ladder built by her parents. What's more amazing is that her parents are blind. After reading this story, my heart seems to have overturned the bottle of Schisandra, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty all come to my heart for a while, I was shocked by the great maternal love, only parents will give up everything, even life for their children! The little girl's parents are blind. Maybe they have never seen their children look like this. But at the moment when the debris flow broke out, they still gave up their lives for their children. My mom and dad in life for me to pay little by little also moved me all the time.

Looking back on those small details, you will always feel the deep love contained in the book. The book not only contains the "Golden House", but also teaches us to be a loving angel and let us roam in the sea of books forever. Thoughts on reading 108 stories touching childlike innocence_ There are 108 stories in this book with 200 words, each of which is tearful and touching. However, my favorite is the little story "taking medicine".

There was a mother whose son had leukemia before he was one year old. In order to make her son better, the mother gave him medicine every day. But her son didn't want to drink it, so she risked her life to drink it herself and let her son drink it again. The doctor told her that it was dangerous to drink medicine without illness, but the mother couldn't listen to it. She gave everything for her son. A few years later, her son recovered, but she had cancer. However, she said she had no regrets.

There is no greater love in the world than maternal love. For their children, they are willing to use their lives to exchange. Not only this one, but also every story is very touching. This book reveals all kinds of human feelings, and every story is very touching. After reading this book, I feel like I haven't read enough. I have to read it again because these stories are so wonderful. Model in my heart_ Feeling after reading the story of Lei Feng_ Lei Feng, with 550 words, is the only model in my heart. His image of noble quality, helpfulness and high prestige is deeply engraved in my heart. He is the model in my heart!

When Lei Feng was three years old, his grandfather was forced to death by the landlord; when he was five years old, Lei Feng's father was caught by the Japanese aggressors, tortured, and died; his brother went out to work as a child laborer, unfortunately got tuberculosis, and went to heaven; the most unfortunate thing is that his only relative, his mother, couldn't stand all this, so he hanged himself. In this short night, Lei Feng died Became a real orphan. But Lei Feng didn't give up his life. He thrived in his lonely life and learned to fight those hateful landlords, from picking up some small garbage to delivering train tickets to others when they were in a hurry. Lei Feng is good at starting from ordinary things, walking all the way, doing good things all the way. It's no wonder that the masses praise Lei Feng for doing good deeds in a thousand li business trip. Chairman Mao once said: 'it's not difficult to do a good thing. It's hard to do good all your life. Lei Feng has done good deeds for the people all his life. We all know the good and good things he did, but he died in the end because of his work.

Lei Feng once said: People's life is limited, but serving the people is unlimited. I will devote my limited life to serving the people infinitely. Lei Feng, he did it! In Lei Feng's eyes, picking up garbage is a small thing, no matter how small it is. stay