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During the holiday, I read the book "civilization and virtue grow with me". After reading this book, I learned a lot that I can't touch in class. Among them, I am most impressed by the respect between people. Diary Diary of grade six

Respect is a kind of cultivation, a kind of character, a kind of equal treatment to others, a kind of full affirmation of others' personality and value. No one can be perfect. If others are inferior to ourselves in some aspects, we can't hurt others' self-esteem with arrogance and disrespect. If we are inferior to others in some places, we don't need to replace due respect with inferiority or jealousy. A person who really knows how to respect others is bound to face the strong and the weak in all undertakings, the lucky and the unfortunate in all life with equal mentality, ordinary mood and calm mood.

Respect is a spring breeze and a clear spring. Giving respect to successful people shows their admiration, praise and pursuit for others' success; giving respect to unsuccessful people shows their sympathy, comfort and encouragement for others' failure. As long as there is respect, there will be true feelings in the world, there will be hope in the future, there will be continuous progress after success, there will be a comeback after failure.

Respect is not blind worship, not to mention the flattery. Understanding the importance of respecting others does not mean learning how to respect others. Respect is a science. If you learn to respect others, you will learn to respect yourself, and you will master the essence of life.

Let's learn to respect each other and live together in this civilized family!

Grade four of Jinzhou primary school in Dalian City, Liaoning Province_ 500 words in life, often know how to respect others will be respected by others, this is a matter of course!

When you accompany others, I'm embarrassed to say to him in a hurry: 'sorry, I didn't mean it'. I think when he hears your sincere apology, he will say to you: 'it doesn't matter'.

When we want to borrow other people's things, we must obtain their consent. Otherwise, if you take away other people's things on your own, you will make them anxious. Therefore, no matter what we want to borrow from others, we must obtain their consent, because this is the minimum respect.

When you drop something, a pair of strange hands appear in front of you, help you pick up things, when he handed it to you, you must not forget to say: 'thank you'. No matter how simple the three words are, the three effortless words come out of your mouth. When you say this sentence sincerely, you will be very happy in your heart and feel a person helping you sincerely.

When we see grandfathers, grandmothers or pregnant women on the bus, do we call "read. 4" ”Push for you:'grandfather, grandmother, aunt, come to sit here '. When they heard this, they were very happy and would say: 'little sister, little brother, thank you'. Yes, when you hear this sentence, your heart is sweet, thinking: it's so happy to help others! Yes, start from the small things, start from the side, respect and others is respect and yourself.

When we are doing something, if there is an old man beside you, we must not forget to let the old man go first, because we should know how to respect the old and love the young. When you give up the old man, he will surely say to you: 'thank you, little friend'. See, your words and actions can be respected by so many people. How nice!

In life, if you want to get the respect of others, you must first learn to respect others, and do it: 'I am for everyone, everyone is for me'. That's the truth. Remember: respect for others is respect for yourself.

Chongqing Wuxi County Chengxiang middle school grade one: Xiao Lianyuan, I respect teachers like this_ 300 words teacher is the most important person in the world besides parents. Although your life is not given by the teacher, the knowledge and skills in your mind will not be useful to the society. Let the society respect you, so the respect of our teachers must not be inferior to that of our parents! One day as a teacher, one day as a father. '

I respect teachers like this. Every day when I see a teacher, no matter the head teacher or other teachers, I will salute.

If the teacher is very busy, I will say to him like this: 'teacher, you need help. If you need help, you can ask me to do something for you. '

I respect teachers in this way. If I am called into the office by a teacher and a teacher wants to come out, I will first salute and let the teacher come out and then go in. Unlike other students, it's good to run in and squeeze with the teacher first. Some students try their best to squeeze with the teacher, but they don't know how to handle it.

I respect teachers in this way. When teacher's day comes, I buy what teachers like and write some happy words when I send cards.

Everyone should respect teachers. Maybe you can't get your work and authority without teachers. You should respect teachers just like Chen Yi and Madame Curie.

Fourth grade: Zhou Xuanyu