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Thoughts on the biography of Hulan River

During the winter vacation, I read a book called Hulan River biography, which is a novel written by Aunt Xiao Hong in Hong Kong at the end of her life. Diary Diary of grade three

The novel depicts the ignorant and unfortunate life of the northern people in childhood meetings, and the silent soul of the Republic of China in trivial matters. There are seven chapters and an epilogue in the book.

Among them, the most unforgettable part is the second chapter, which is mainly about the spiritual "grand event" in the biography of Hulan River, reflecting the spiritual outlook of people living in the small town of Hulan River biography. Most of the contents are mainly about the Northeast small town.

Perhaps, only so many trivial things can be seen in our minds about the features of Hulan River - muddy roads, stagnant water pits, I really don't know how many livestock have been suffocated; crazy widow Wang is regarded as an unfortunate person, and all the unfortunate people in Hulan River are regarded as beggars; the lives of dying people in dye vat houses, bean curd shops and paper mills seem to be the same The most beautiful shady house in zhachaipu and people's indifferent and numb attitude towards life and death. These contents are still fresh in my memory, just like what I have experienced personally.

The ending is the last thing I want to see. It's such a miserable ending. I believe you will cry after watching it. Just like the fourth chapter describes the desolation of my family in all aspects, and the fifth chapter describes the death of my little reunion daughter-in-law. Once a bustling town, now it has become a cold 'dead city'. Who would have thought that the final outcome would be like this?

Grade 5, Xinhu primary school, Taicang City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province_ Thoughts on reading biography of Hulan River with 1100 words

Xiang Zhuoxian

I've heard my mother say that after reading the biography of Hulan River, it's like watching a TV play with a tragic ending. It's hard to let go. I always want to find someone to talk about it and share it.

I couldn't wait to read this book when summer vacation came. At the beginning of the article, it was written that 'the earth has been blocked by the severe winter'. In such a season, the land is cracked, the hands are cracked, and even the dogs are freezing all night. The most direct description of the scenery takes me into the cold Hulan River town. In this town, there are a group of ordinary and ignorant people who think and live according to the habits handed down from thousands of years . They always place their hopes on ghosts and gods. All the year round, they honestly accept the test of suffering. In the wind and rain, what they can bear is gone. What they can't bear is looking for the natural result. Although everyone's life is subject to the test of the four seasons, but at least there should be struggle and struggle, how can it be submissive? It can be seen that Hulan River town is a dead city without thought and spirit. Even if the sun in the sky sometimes appears particularly big, it is not warm.

In the novel, my favorite is still my grandfather and grandfather's garden. Grandfather is like the only ray of sunshine that warms the author's young heart. In this garden, the author is like the cucumbers, cucumbers, corn, butterflies in the garden; In this garden, the author's world is not the narrow one in the house, but the broad one. In this garden, the author's laughter is so loud that he can feel it. Here, 'the flowers bloom, as if they wake up. The bird flies, like a bird in the sky. The insect barked as if it were talking. Everything is alive. They all have unlimited abilities. They can do whatever they want. Whatever you want. All are free & hellip; & hellip; childhood is always the purest and best years. Even if the author has a miserable life later, these good memories still warm her and support her.

What depressed me most in the novel was the death of xiaotuanjuan's daughter-in-law. Although the author didn't specifically describe the process of her being beaten, she cried for a long time day and night, which shows how she was tortured and beaten. The content of this page changes from "read. 4" to "read ”The foolish and superstitious mother-in-law invited Hu Xian to dance with gods and ghosts for the first time. The people around them also gossip and talk about death and life, only to kill the 12-year-old daughter-in-law. Another character I admire in the novel is Feng waizuizi. He is a brave man who dares to pursue and fight. When misfortune comes, he loses his favorite wife and has to raise two children who are crying for food. When neighbors say he has to finish this time, he lives in the world as usual and takes his share of responsibility as usual. He is like a new blood into Hulan River town, inspiring, changing and not bowing to fate.

'the old one in the back garden is gone now. The old master died and the young master fled. It's a desolate scene. This makes me want to go to the sentence in Li Qingzhao's CI: "there's no way to eliminate this feeling. Then I browed and felt it again. 'the past that nobody cares about in my memory is full of dust. Although the memory is full of bitterness, it is also full of warmth, so the author can't forget it.

Sixth grade: Thoughts on reading biography of celebrities to Zhuoxian_ The 400 word biography of celebrities was written by Roman & middot; Roland, a French writer. There are three famous people in the world. The first is Beethoven, a German composer; the second is Michelangelo, a talented Italian sculptor; the last is Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer.

In this book, I am most moved by Beethoven. Beethoven is a musical genius. His talent was discovered by his father very early. However, his father is not a good and competent father. His father lets Beethoven practice the piano every day, regardless of his feelings. Sometimes he locks Beethoven and a violin in the same room, which is forced by violence all day He practiced the piano, Beethoven's childhood is very sad.

Beethoven's mother died early, his father is a spendthrift drunkard, these, in Beethoven's heart, a deep wound. However, Beethoven became famous quickly because of his talent and diligence. Unfortunately, Beethoven became deaf, which is a great blow to a musician.

However, Beethoven succeeded through his own efforts.

On the road of life, there are many accidents, Beethoven can beat him, Beethoven with his own efforts to overcome the difficulties, we can certainly!

This "biography of celebrities" taught me a lot of truth, he taught me Beethoven's strong, taught me Michelangelo's face-to-face difficulties, taught me Tolstoy's honesty and indomitable spirit.

The people in biography of celebrities are all our role models! We should learn all their spirits!

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