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It's wonderful and terrible

When I was tidying up my room, I accidentally turned over the fifth grade Chinese book and saw 'wonderful' and 'terrible'. I saw that the title of this article was a little attractive, so I began to read it. After reading it, I had a deep feeling. Diary Diary of grade three

This article is about: American writer bud Schulberg wrote his first poem when he was seven or eight years old. When he was a teenager, two voices mingled in his ears, reading 'wonderful' and 'terrible'. He carefully grasped the direction of life so that it would not be blown down by any wind.

Indeed, there should be praise and criticism in life. If only praise, people will go astray; if only criticism, people will feel inferior and have no self-confidence.

Just like that time: I won the third prize in the calligraphy competition for new year's day. When my mother heard the news, her eyes lit up and she exclaimed excitedly, "my good daughter, you're great! I'm proud of you! "After listening to my mother's praise, a layer of complacent Spray Rose in my heart. But for me, it was not enough. I also longed for my father's praise. So, I pestered my father and told him about it, hoping that he would praise me, but he didn't say a word. I was unwilling and kept asking. This is, he said, but these words are like the tip of a needle stabbing my heart, in my hot heart poured a ladle of cold water. He said: 'happy what? What is the second prize? Don't you have a first prize ahead of you? So complacent, not enterprising, you will fall down sooner or later! At that time, I didn't understand what my father meant by "falling down". I only knew that instead of receiving praise, I heard a rebuke. For the first time since the record, the content of this page was reprimanded by "read. 4" ”Push for you! I'm very sad. I think my father doesn't love me anymore. He really doesn't love me anymore.

Now, I understand that my father criticized me to wake me up, and my mother praised me to encourage me and give me confidence.

Like the author, I am very lucky, because he and I have a kind mother to encourage ourselves; at the same time, we also have a strict father to remind ourselves not to go the wrong way.