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Impressions of soldier Zhang GA

This year is the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. I enjoyed an anti Japanese film, small soldier Zhang GA. The story tells the story of a small eight road, Zhang GA, and his friends, fighting with the Japanese army. Diary Diary of grade six

In the movie "little soldier Zhang Ga", I also saw the ferocity of the Japanese devils, who burned, killed, looted and tyrannized on the land of China. At their gunpoint, how many people were killed innocently. These Japanese devils are really hateful! It's so famous! How lovely Zhang GA is in the film! It's full of gas! On the way, he mistakenly took Luo Jinbao as a traitor. Although he made a joke, it showed his persistence! Fight with fat Dun, make a mistake, Luo captain shut him up, as long as he admits the mistake, but Gazi bent his head is not talking. What a lovely Gazi! Seeing this, I can't help clapping for him!

In the story, I admire Zhang GA's resourcefulness and bravery. There is a story about a real and fake special commissioner that I especially like.

Inside, the traitor Shi Lei disguised himself as a special commissioner and sneaked into the army to collect information. Unexpectedly, Zhang GA found it. However, the real commissioner was injured and accepted by yingzi. In order to find the evidence, Zhang GA told the captain the truth, fought with the Japanese army several times, and finally successfully brought back the real Commissioner and captured Shi Lei.

"Soldier Zhang Ga" is a film with educational significance and patriotism. In addition, the four little actors, Gazi, yingzi, Tongle and pangdun, vividly portray their enthusiasm for the motherland and their dissatisfaction with foreign invaders with the most naive, purest and most simple images of their children. Their humorous, funny, lovely, strong and unyielding spirit deeply touched me.

Tong Le was originally the dry son of a Japanese officer. However, when he learned of the Japanese plot, he cut off the relationship with the Japanese officer. His anti Japanese spirit also moved me.

The film "soldier Zhang Ga" not only enriched my holiday life, but also made me realize that we should remember history, never forget national humiliation, study hard and revitalize China. In the future study and life, I will take Gazi as an example everywhere, draw more and more nutrients from Gazi, and be a useful talent for the society.

Fourth grade: winter snow rhyme "safety education knowledge lecture for primary and secondary school students"_ This morning, my mother and I watched an educational film on safety knowledge, which made me understand a lot of safety knowledge. I'll tell you about it sometime!

If we accidentally fall into the water when we are playing in the pool of swimming or fishing, we should call for help loudly to attract the attention of passers-by and keep our head breathing

. Don't play on the stairs. If you see children on the floor, actively stop them. Some children climb up the tree. If you can't scream when you see them, you should be careful to approach and dissuade them. Some of the practices of Xiao Huang Mao and Tong Tong on the bus are wrong. For example, they can't eat food with bamboo sticks on the bus, they can't play on the bus, and they can't step on the door, which is easy to hurt their feet. You can't throw things out of the window after eating on the bus, because it may hurt the pedestrians on the road. Don't get on and off when the bus doesn't stop steadily. You can't read or play games on the bus. If there is an accident, remember to call 112 for help.

The school is our home, in the school, we can't fight in the campus. When we go up the stairs, we should line up to avoid trampling. When we hear the class bell or after class bell, we should not run out of the classroom quickly. It's easy to meet classmates and cause unnecessary injury. As the little masters of the school, we should protect the public property. There are some people who imitate the scene of fighting and stealing in online games, which leads to irreparable crimes. In the summer of 2005, 10 young people under the age of 20 committed crimes. So we shouldn't see what we shouldn't see. We can't play Thrilling Games. We can't take exciting games.

Psychological problem is a big problem. If you have any psychological problems, you will not do it well. Let me tell you a good way to solve it. You can find a teacher or a good friend to talk about, say it will be good love, if we encounter psychological problems to face correctly, don't escape, psychological medicine, heart obstacles, smooth.

Physical education is to exercise, but also pay attention to safety, physical education to wear sports shoes, sportswear, can not bring knife, pen and other sharp things. If the body is not good, do not force yourself to participate in sports when the waist is not stable, to use books or hard boards on both sides and to the hospital. Don't drink cold water after exercise. Take a cold bath. It's better to drink boiled water instead of drinks.

Ansheng first, let's pay attention to safety bit by bit.

Grade 6, Dongping primary school, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong_ 300 words today, I read the book "Xiaobing zhangga" recommended by my teacher. The book tells about a little boy named Zhang GA, who lives with his grandmother. Later, grandma died to protect uncle Zhong of the Eighth Route Army. In order to get revenge, Gazi became a small investigator with the Eighth Route Army. Gazi tried every means to get his own gun, but it was always confiscated. Later, Gazi made great contributions to the battle and finally got his beloved gun. Zhang GA's witty and brave personality left a deep impression on me. What impresses me most is the plot of Gazi exploring the enemy for the Eighth Route Army. Gazi boldly said that he would send eggs to the Imperial Army, and tried his best to get in. He made a fierce struggle with the devils and rescued Yuying.

In the face of the fierce enemy, Gazi is fearless in the face of danger and will fight to the death. Compared with Zhang GA, we live in this beautiful today. Unlike Gazi, they live in fear all day, poor and hungry. How happy we are. Today's happiness is hard to come by. Our happy life was bought by our ancestors with blood decades ago. Zhang GA defeated the enemy time and time again with his intelligence in the Anti Japanese war. We should learn from Zhang GA and face the difficulties bravely without flinching!

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