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Reflections on the forest newspaper

During the winter vacation, I read the forest newspaper written by the famous children's science popularization writer and children's writer of the former Soviet Union, V. bianki. The forest is not a newspaper, but a book. This is a more interesting popular science book than story book, an encyclopedia about the changes of four seasons in nature. Diary of the sixth grade in this book, the author v. Bianchi divides the year into twelve months, each month has an interesting name, such as "the first awakening month of hibernation", "the month of migratory birds returning home", "the third month of singing", "the month of birds nesting", etc., which makes people read with great interest. What I remember most is the contents of "chronicles of events in the forest". "Chronicles of events in the forest" here mainly describes the dynamics of the animals after a winter: first of all, the bald nosed crow opened the curtain of spring, the mother rabbit also gave birth to a lot of rabbits, the first batch of flowers appeared, some animals are ready to go on the road to the tundra, some are building their own houses The forest newspaper not only tells the story of small animals and plants in the forest. Also talked about the news in the city! If you don't believe it, take a look at the second article of "forest" (spring), "City News"! Every night, the cats will have a concert on the roof; on the roof, the birds will enjoy themselves in their own house; sparrow and Starling are welcome to visit wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. There was a quarrel beside the house; a group of sleepless flies appeared in the street; the stone silkworm crawled out of the water; lesnoye's observation station was set up; many of the first animals and plants came to spring I also learned a lot about nature from the book. For example, I learned from the "spring strategy": in the spring, some small animals change their fur color to gray black in order not to be caught by the beasts. It's not easy to be found in the black soil. From the "mating place of grouse", I learned that grouse must bark a few times before mating In this "forest newspaper", I saw a lot of things that we usually can't see, and learned the knowledge that we usually can't learn in class. I went to the forest with the writer Wei bianji and played with the animals. After reading this forest newspaper, I can feel the colorful life of animals and plants in the forest all the year round, deeply explore the infinite mysteries of nature, and experience the happiness of spring, the prosperity of summer, the colorful autumn and the sadness of winter This "forest newspaper" broadened my horizons and increased my knowledge. Forest is an encyclopedia!