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Love education 600 words after reading

"Education of love" is a book to wash the soul. It seems that what attracts me is not its literary value, but the nearly perfect love between parents and children, teachers and students, friendship between friends, and love between hometown and country reflected in the ordinary and delicate brushwork;

The noble sentiment of "one day as a teacher, one life as a father" has a long history in China. It is a coincidence that foreign scholars' respect and feelings for their teachers are also worth learning. Even after 44 years, amrico's father did not forget his primary school teacher. He went to see him and loved and respected him as he did when he was a child. What a wonderful father this is! I immediately feel that amrico is very happy. He not only has such a erudite and gentle father, but also has a good example worth learning from!

The love between teachers and students certainly moved me, but the love between parents and children even touched my heart. In the story of every month, I can't help but pay homage to the hero Marco. When he was very young, his mother went to a wealthy family in the capital of the Argentine Republic to work as a maid in order to clear up the debt. Later, she broke up with them. Despite the danger of going to America, 13-year-old Marco made a request to his father to go to America to find his mother. It was not agreed by my father at the beginning. But two days later, a friend of his father's captain heard about it. He went to find his father and told him that he could take Marco to America free of charge. After Marco's many requests, his father finally agreed. Marco met many people on his way to America to find his mother, including kind old Lombardy, kind Spanish women, warm-hearted young men, as well as evil Of course, there are many good people who are willing to help others. With the help of these people, Marco finally found his mother. This story let me really understand the power of love: as long as there is a heart to miss my family, even thousands of miles apart, it is still heart to heart.

I read this book over and over again. Although it took me a lot of time, I don't regret it at all, because it taught me a lot of truth. Love is like nectar. We can't lack love, just as bees can't lack nectar. As long as we love life and care for others, the world will become better because of love! Reflections on patriotism: Reflections on the education of love_ 600 words patriotic composition after reading: Reflections on the education of love

'if everyone gives a little love, the world will be a better place. Yes, love is omnipresent among us: parents' love for you; friends' care for you & hellip; & hellip; but when I read the education of love, I have a better understanding of it.

In the form of diary, "education of love" tells the story of a little boy named amrico's growth. It records in detail what he saw and heard in school, family and society in one year. It is full of sincere love for his motherland, parents, teachers and friends, and has a touching power.

There are 100 chapters in the book "education of love", among which "the flower of kindness" is the most fresh and fresh in my memory. It describes the female students of a girls' school helping a young boy who lost 30 coppers when sweeping a chimney, and also hiding from the headmaster to be a group of 'unsung heroes'. British philosopher Locke said well: 'I always think that people's actions are the best proof of their thoughts. 'the noble quality and moral brilliance in this story have shocked my heart.

In today's society, some people are very snobbish. Their code of conduct is to see if it is good for them, and they don't give up bargaining even in front of morality. Such people are very small, and their philosophy of doing things will inevitably be despised by people. Because hypocrisy can't get true feelings, and coldness can't get enthusiasm. If people who are indifferent and selfish lose their morality, it is very difficult for them to get the best help from others. If there is a cause of misconduct, there will be a result of lack of help. The mistake of life often lies in the four words of "selfishness". If selfishness is not used, justice will die.

On the contrary, it is convenient to be with others and yourself; to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself; to give happiness to others is to give happiness to yourself; to warm others is to warm yourself. If a person has others in his heart, he can always put himself in the other's shoes and offer with true feelings, then he will get the inner enrichment, noble personality, the illumination of love and the warmth of true feelings. People who are willing to give their true feelings and love to the society are the happiest, because happiness always favors those kind people who love life and are willing to contribute.

"Human feelings, regardless of the world, warm you and warm me; love, do not talk about the rich and the poor & lsquo; noble and humble & nbsp;, everyone can do. you share rose get fun. Give others a love and leave yourself a spring. 'true love, let you and I have the same heart; true love, make the world no longer lonely. As long as you and I reach out a warm hand and make the world full of love, the true feelings can last forever.

May life be full of true, good and beautiful flowers. There is love in the world_ Feeling after reading "education of love"_ 600 words. This is the first book that makes me feel strange.

When I first saw the name of this book, I immediately had a question in my mind: can love be educated? Love should be a kind of conditioned reflex, it is influenced by the living environment, let us gradually understand, but this is not education;

Before I knew it, I had finished reading this thick book. Every word in it seems to have conquered me and made me want to swallow the whole book in one breath. The touching stories forced me to comprehend, and every moment I understood had enough time to move me.

Because love is the most touching!

Every diary records the expulsion of amritco from the society. He is always influenced by all kinds of love. There are parents' love for their children, brothers and sisters' love, friends, teachers, and even strangers who don't know him. Do you remember that there are a lot of diaries about Enrico's parents' blood? Amrico, a young man, was willing to share a diary with his parents, and he actually unloaded what happened every day. How many families in the world can be as harmonious as this one?

Because love is the trust of parents!

In life, we also have as much love as amrico, but we don't have him to be careful and observe the world seriously. Helping granny cross the road, the teacher's encouragement to the students, and helping up the children who fall are all love. No matter how trivial those things are, they can only be done with love. Even a careful scientist may not be able to discover these trivial love in time. How kind he is!

If everyone is like him, there will be a lot of love in this world, just as Confucius said 'Great Harmony' society, social stability, no exploitation, no war, mutual love between people. What a wonderful world it would be!

Love, indeed, can not be educated, but you can feel it with your heart. In the end, you will be moved by it. Reflections on reading education of love_ 600 words in fact, I wanted to have this book for a long time. The title of this book is very attractive to me. I want to see what kind of education this love education is.

With this question, I got the book.

This book records the daily life of an Italian primary school student and the people he came into contact with. Many touching stories have happened. It describes their deep and sincere love for their motherland and people, for their parents and brothers, for their teachers and classmates;

My favorite is "charcoal seller and gentleman" in this book. It says that people are equal and there is no distinction between rich and poor. You can't belittle others because of a small gap. No matter how rich people are, they make mistakes and can't indulge them just because they are rich. Nobis' father is a gentleman who does not bully the poor because he is rich. If you respect others, they will respect you. To cultivate respect for others and understand their world and life is an essential lesson in the process of growing up.

Love is a good method of education. It's not to force you to do something, but to educate you in action. No worries, no spiritual fragility. This is the education of love. This is my understanding.

However, after this problem has been solved, I have another question worthy of my consideration: what is love?

Some people say that being loved is a kind of happiness, others say that love is a kind of motivation & hellip; & hellip; what is love? I have never thought about this problem before. I just know that I am loved by my parents, but I have never told them that I love you. I don't know what my love for mom and dad is? In learning, I have love for teachers; friendship

In fact, I have love for my friends; in family, I have love for my grandfather who is far away in heaven & hellip; & hellip; but what is my love for my parents? Is it empty?

What is empty love?

I didn't expect that a small book would give me great thinking, which should be my feeling after reading it.

After reading this book, I feel immersed in the ocean of love. From it, I learned that no matter how bad or terrible people are, they will be melted. Meet poor people should

When you reach out for help. Love can save everything, love is a bunch of sunshine in the dark. As long as you are willing to pay, you will get amazing harvest. Reflections on reading education of love_ 600 words wind gently, light flowers, quiet night I smell the aroma, is from the eyes of Enrico? Or from far away Italy? A sky full of love spreads slowly & hellip; & hellip; I walk between the lines of "education of love", enjoying the fragrance of those silent words!

Love is everywhere - blooming like flowers, blowing like wind, floating like rain & hellip; & hellip;

Love, colorful -- is a warm blessing, is a kind praise, is a look of encouragement & hellip; & hellip;

A diary in the book touched me deeply. When the little boy suffered from the great misfortune of losing his mother, people around him gave him sincere love. The teacher told the students to be serious and not to laugh in front of Carolina. When he was crying, Enrico put his hand on his shoulder, put his face to his ear and said: 'don't cry, Carolina. 'after school, everyone gathered around Caroline. No one spoke. They just looked at Caroline with concern. My heart trembled! Because I really feel that my eyes and heart full of love are approaching me. Is that the voice of love?

Love, long into my heart!

Love, soft into my life!

I think of Zou Yue. He has poor grades and often plays alone. People joked that he was a national treasure. Once, the teacher asked me to help him with his exercises. I said it a few times, but he didn't