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Thoughts on reading Aesop's Fables

There are many interesting stories in the Book Aesop's Fables written by Zeng Xiaofeng of the 5th class of the 7th year. These stories contain profound truth. Although the length is short, the content is very rich. When you look at this book, you will often be intoxicated by the rich and colorful content. This book is also loved by the majority of readers, Especially for teenagers. I read Aesop's fables in the summer vacation. What impresses me most is the tortoise and rabbit race. Welcome to wechat: ww4hw for more knowledge. "The crow and the fox", "the blind and the lame" and so on. The story of "the tortoise and the rabbit race" is that the little rabbit is very proud to compete with the slow tortoise. As the road is approaching the end, the little rabbit says with pride: "look, the tortoise is so slow, let me sleep first and then talk about it." then he lies down beside the stone and snores. The tortoise is not discouraged, although he is very slow, But he said to himself in silence: "don't give up, stick to it, victory is in front of you." when the tortoise catches up with the little rabbit, he sees that the little rabbit is still sleeping, and crawls slowly. It's almost the end. Xiaomianzi gets up and sees that the tortoise is approaching the end, but he can't catch up anymore, because the tortoise has reached the end. This story tells us that we should persevere in everything, There are also many stories, such as "the crow and the fox" tells us not to be confused by the enemy's rhetoric at any time, and to think twice before we act when we encounter anything, and "the bull and the frog" tells us to correctly estimate our own strength no matter when we are in trouble, It's stupid to do things beyond your own measure. Comments: Aesop's fables, as the crystallization of ancient wisdom, makes you love it and get a lot of inspiration from it