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Reading the power of faith

Today, I read the power of faith, which makes me deeply feel that if a person has faith and strives for it all his life, he will surely create one miracle after another. Diary grade five diary

Every time I read that Helen Keller, a 19th century female writer, is a weak woman who is blind, deaf and dumb. She graduated from Harvard University and set up charitable organizations to benefit the disabled. She was selected as one of the top ten heroes in the 20th century. 'I think of myself. As a normal person, I am very lucky. I have a good life and a healthy body. I can easily do many things, learn a lot of knowledge and enjoy a good life, but I don't have the strong will like Helen. When I encounter difficulties, I shrink back and like to find reasons to excuse myself. In the future, I will correct my shortcomings, face the reality bravely like Helen, and run for faith.

Whenever I read: "our beloved Premier Zhou Enlai, he is really worthy of the title of a man who has fought for the Communist cause he believes in all his life. At the end of his life, he also asked the staff around him to play "Internationale" for him. 'I would think that I would also like to learn from Premier Zhou Enlai's persevering spirit.

Faith is strength, goal, foundation of success and pillar of house. From now on, I will study hard. When I grow up, I will contribute to our motherland!

Fourth grade: Zhang Yanan's feeling after reading "belief that misfortune can't beat"_ 350 words in the five years of primary school, I know many great people: Su Xun, a 27 year old writer who worked hard to study, Edison, an inventor who failed repeatedly but never gave up. But historian Tan Qian deeply shocked me.

Tan Qian, a historian in the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, after more than 20 years of struggle, finally completed the book Guoyan, which can be handed down through the ages, in his 50s. Unfortunately, Guoyan, which was locked in a bamboo box, was stolen by a thief who mistook it for valuable property. Such a blow is fatal to everyone, not to mention the frail and sick old people. But a man with a strong heart cannot be defeated by any force. Tan Qian has compiled a more detailed and wonderful new Guoyan.

Every time I read his biography, Tan Qian's unyielding figure will appear in front of me. How many people can bear such a heavy blow? Tan Qian, a strong man in his heart, stood up, pushed aside the clouds of despair and returned to his desk. He went around collecting information. His persistence, his courage to explore, his meticulous, let us see a great work "Guoyan". The stories of Guoyan and TanQian have been handed down from generation to generation and are well-known in history. In the face of difficulties, if you retreat, the cloud of despair will block your way forward, and it will rain cats and dogs. However, if you never give up, a bunch of sunshine will push away the clouds and lead you to a better future.

Fifth grade: the power of faith of friends of North Primary School_ 600 words the power of faith

Stepping on the long road of life is like climbing on a rugged mountain road. Only by fearing difficulties and fighting hard can we reach the summit of glory. There is a power, is the life candle wick, only let it throughout our whole life, our life will emit eternal light. That power is called faith.

This summer vacation, my mother took me to travel to climb mountains, and my beautiful music blossomed in my heart, which is the beautiful place I yearn for in my heart: the mountains are winding, the scenery is picturesque, and the birds are singing clear songs ~ ~ how nice! I think about it.

After a long journey, we drove to the corner of the emperor's mountain. By the side of the road, there are many simple and elegant villas, which are very beautiful. Looking up at the mountain, we can see the lush forest, the gurgling stream, a fresh mountain wind blowing, refreshing. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain, but I would like to see what charming scenery on the mountain is waiting for me. So I got up my strength and tried to climb up. The squirrels on the tree are also jumping, as if they are competing with me. The stream on the mountain is flowing along the stone steps. At first, I rushed up excitedly, but then I slowed down gradually. I was less and less energetic and panting. In the end, I was too tired to get up on the stone steps. Suddenly, I raised my head, and the caves attracted me. I asked my mother what these caves were for, and she said: 'these were used by the ancients to escape disaster. My mother asked me, 'why don't you climb? Think of the ancients in order to live, the belief of survival supported them to overcome difficulties, build their own safe habitat, how can you compare with them at this time? 'after listening to my mother's words, it suddenly occurred to me that learning is not the same as this difficulty. Usually, when I have questions that I don't know, I study them carefully and finally find out the answer. That's because I have the belief that I must find out the answer. It is the belief that gives me great motivation that makes me find the answer. Thinking of these, there is a nameless power in my heart. I immediately stand up and walk to the top of the mountain.

I finally climbed to the top of the mountain. The scenery on the top of the mountain is beautiful. Looking down from the top of the mountain, I can see the magnificent mountains and rivers. At this time, I am very excited, because faith gives me strength!

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